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    Alexander married Anastasia, daughter of Sophia of Lithuania and Vasily I of Moscow, and had two sons Semen (died in 1505) and Mikhailo Olelkovich (died in 1481). Semen married Maria, a daughter of Jonas Goštautas. In mid 1450s Goštautas planned to depose Grand Duke Casimir IV Jagiellon and to install his son-in-law Semen Olelkovich.

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    Olelkovich: lt;p|>The |Olelkovich| (|Polish|: ||Olelkowicze||) family was a 15th–16th-century noble family fr... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the ...

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    Mikhailo Aleksandrovich Olelkovich (executed on August 30, 1481 in Vilnius) was a noble from the Olelkovich family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.He was the brother of Prince Simeon Olelkovich of Kiev and cousin of Grand Prince Ivan III of Moscow.

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    After that, Alexander and his 17-year-old son Peter were brought to Moscow and beheaded. He left two daughters, one of them being married to the noblest Muscovite boyar , Prince Ivan Mstislavsky , and another one – to the tsar's brother-in-law, Nikita Romanovich as his second wife.

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    Apr 09, 2017 · Sophia (1371–1453) was the only daughter of Vytautas the Great of Lithuania and his first wife Anna. On January 21, 1391, while her father was engaged in the Lithuanian Civil War, she married Vasili I of Russia. After his death in 1425 she became regent for their ten-year old son Vasili II.

    • Yury Vasilievich, Simeon Vasilievich, Simeon Vasiljevič, Anastasia of Moscow, Vasily II of Moscow
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    In 1067, Vsevolod's Greek wife died and he soon married a Kypchak princess, Anna Polovetskaya. She bore him another son, who drowned after the Battle of the Stugna River, and daughters, one becoming a nun and another, Eupraxia of Kiev, marrying Emperor Henry IV. The Cumans again invaded Kievan Rus' in 1068.

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    The Slutsk principality was originally an autonomous principality of the Turov land in the 12th - 14th centuries. [1] It emerged in 1160 [2], finally took shape in the 1190s. [3] In the XIV-XVIII centuries - a large feudal principality in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The first mention of Slutsk (Sluchesk) occurs in the "Tale of Bygone Years" around 1116: the Minsk prince Gleb Vseslavich ...


    This is a list that encompasses and includes all reigning leaders/rulers in the history of Ukraine. This page includes the titles of the Grand Prince of Kyiv, Grand Prince of Cher

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    Grand Prince of Kiev (sometimes Grand Duke of Kiev) was the title of the Kievan prince and the ruler of Kievan Rus' in the 9th–12th centuries.. The Annals of St. Bertin (Annales Bertiniani) for the year 839 became the first written record on the Rus'/Rhos.

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