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    Alexander Olelka (died in 1454) was the ancestor of the family. He was a son of Vladimir , Duke of Kiev , and grandson of Algirdas , Grand Duke of Lithuania. [45]

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    Olelkovich: lt;p|>The |Olelkovich| (|Polish|: ||Olelkowicze||) family was a 15th–16th-century noble family fr... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the ...

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    Mikhailo Aleksandrovich Olelkovich (executed on August 30, 1481 in Vilnius) was a noble from the Olelkovich family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.He was the brother of Prince Simeon Olelkovich of Kiev and cousin of Grand Prince Ivan III of Moscow.

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    Genealogy profile for Olelko Aleksander, prince of Kiev. Aleksandras Olelka (XV a. pradžia – m. 1454 m. Kijevas) – Kopylio ir Slucko kunigaikštis (1443-1454 m.) ir Kijevo kunigaikštis (1443-1454 m.), Slucko kunigaikščių Olelkaičių dinastijos pradininkas.

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    Alexander Olelka (died in 1454) was the ancestor of the family. He was a son of Vladimir, Duke of Kiev, and grandson of Algirdas, Grand Duke of Lithuania.

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    Free Public Reputation Profile - For Alexander A. Reputation Profiles include free contact info & photos + criminal & court records. See your own ...

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    After that, Alexander and his 17-year-old son Peter were brought to Moscow and beheaded. He left two daughters, one of them being married to the noblest Muscovite boyar , Prince Ivan Mstislavsky , and another one – to the tsar's brother-in-law, Nikita Romanovich as his second wife.

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    In 1442, however, Kazimieras and the Council of Seigniors were forced to acknowledge the pa-trimonial rights of Alexander Vladimiraitis - Olelka to the Kiev Duchy. Olelka, and later his son Simonas, tried to strengt-hen their positions in Kiev, generating well-disposed nobility around them and pursuing a consistent dynasty policy.

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    After the death of Vladimir Olgerdovich (after 1398), Sluck, together with Kopyl, stood out as the destiny of his son Olelka and his successors Oleklovichy - Semyon, Mikhail, Yuri and Semyon. Olelko Vladimirovich in 1440 received the principality of Kiev, and the governor of Slutsky principality left the eldest son of Semyon Olelkovych .

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    Grand Prince of Kiev (sometimes Grand Duke of Kiev) was the title of the Kievan prince and the ruler of Kievan Rus' in the 9th–12th centuries.. The Annals of St. Bertin (Annales Bertiniani) for the year 839 became the first written record on the Rus'/Rhos.