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    Jun 19, 2017 · A demographic increase, resulting mainly from Stettin’s industrial growth, masks two streams of agrarian exodus, one through Stettin Harbor towards North America (until this traffic was diverted to Bremen and Hamburg in 1896), and one westward towards the rapidly industrializing areas of western Germany.

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    Sonja (born Sonja Haraldsen on 4 July 1937) is the Queen consort of Norway since 17 January 1991 as the wife of King Harald V.. Sonja and the then Crown Prince Harald had dated for nine years prior to their marriage in 1968.

    • 23 June 1991
    • Sonja Haraldsen, 4 July 1937 (age 83), Oslo, Norway
  3. Christopher X of Denmark (The Kalmar Union) | Alternative ... › wiki › Christopher_X_of

    Christopher X is the incumbent ruler of Denmark, Duke-Elector of Pomerania and supreme head of the Church of Denmark. He has been widely praised as a monarch who speaks his mind, and admits his mistakes, in an era of profound change in society and with foreign tensions rising. The eldest surviving son of King Christian III of Denmark and Queen Thorey, Princess of Vinland, (an elder brother ...

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    a land they name Vinland, now acknowledged to be North America. 1299–1319 CE – Haakon V Magnusson, King of Norway has no sons. He builds Akershus in Oslo. Daughter, Ingeborg, marries Swedish duke. 1316 CE – Magnus VI Smek is born, son of Ingeborg and Swedish duke. 1319–1343 CE – At age three Magnus VI Smek becomes king of

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    The first white wedding dress on historic record was worn by Philippa of England, who married Eric of Pomerania in 1406 and went on to become the Queen of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

  6. History of Germans in Russia, Ukraine and the Soviet Union › wiki › Germans_from_Russia

    Though the population peaked in 1900, many Germans had already begun leaving Volhynia in the late 1880s for North and South America. Between 1911 and 1915, a small group of Volhynian German farmers (36 families - more than 200 people) chose to move to Eastern Siberia, making use of the resettlement subsidies of the government's Stolypin reform ...

  7. Is the Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia, or their ... › Is-the-Grand-Dukedom-of-Pomerania

    The “Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia” (please note the double quote marks around that) is somebody’s fantasy ‘micronation’. It is not something that ever existed in real-world history - Pomerania and Livonia are at opposite ends of the Balt...

  8. Joshua Abraham Norton -- America's Self-proclaimed Emperor Of The United States I was in a conversation recently, and we were talking about Hawaiian history. Our conversation had to do with the surrender of the Queen in 1893 then again in 1895, the fact that the Queen attempted a coup to overthrow her own brother, and how the United States didn ...

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    Charta, 1215 and Some of Their Descendants Who Settled in America During the Early Colonial Years, 5th Edition (Baltimore, MD, USA: Genealogical Publishine Co., Inc., unknown publish date), line 17C-10, p. 24. Hereinafter cited as Weis MCS-5.

  10. america revisited: from. the. bay. of. new york. to the gulf of mexico, and. from lake michigan to the pacific. by. george augustus sala, author of "a journey due north," "paris herself again ...

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