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  1. Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin - Wikipedia

    Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (24 December 1879 – 28 December 1952) was Queen of Denmark as the spouse of King Christian X. She was also Queen of Iceland (where the name was officially Alexandría) from 1 December 1918 to 17 June 1944.

  2. Alexandra of Lithuania -

    Alexandra of Lithuania (* 1360 in Vilnius, † 20 April or June 19, 1434 in Płońsk) was a princess of Lithuania and a sister of King Władysław II Jagiello of Poland.

  3. Bogislaw X, Duke of Pomerania - Wikipedia

    In 1464, Pomerania-Stettin's duke Otto III died without an heir, Bogislaw's father Eric II and his uncle, Wartislaw X, both ruling different portions of Pomerania-Wolgast, managed to succeed in a conflict about Pomerania-Stettin inheritance with the Margraviate of Brandenburg. In 1474, with his father's death, Bogislaw inherited his splinter ...

  4. Sophie of Pomerania - Wikipedia

    Sophie of Pomerania (1498–1568) was queen of Denmark and Norway as the spouse of Frederick I. She is known for her independent rule over her fiefs Lolland and Falster, the castles in Kiel and Plön, and several villages in Holstein as queen.

    • 1523–1533
    • 13 May 1568, Kiel
  5. Bogislav IX - Wikipedia

    Bogislav was the son of Bogislav VIII, Duke of Pomerania, and Sophia of Holstein. On 24 June 1432, in Poznan, he married Maria of Masovia, daughter of Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia and Alexandra of Lithuania. They had daughters, Sophia, who married Eric II, Duke of Pomerania, and Alexandra, and at least one of unknown name.

  6. house of pomerania : définition de house of pomerania et ...

    The House of Pomerania, [1] [2] (German: Greifen, Polish: Gryfici), also known as House of Greifen [3] or House of Griffins, was a dynasty of dukes that ruled the Duchy of Pomerania from the 12th century until 1637.

  7. Alexandrine de Mecklenburg-Schwerin - Wikipedia

    Alexandrine Auguste de Mecklenburg-Schwerin (24 decembrie 1879 – 28 decembrie 1952) a fost soția regelui Christian al X-lea al Danemarcei.

  8. List of Alternate Monarchs and Aristocratic Lineage | Page 52 ...

    May 25, 2016 · Alexandra Elizabeth Anne (1953 -) Charles Frederick Albert (1955 -) Arthur Christian Edward (1957 -) Edward Alexander George (1961 -) George Richard David (1964 -) a) Christian Edward Frederick Philip (1932 - 2003) m. Astrid of Norway; b) Margarethe Astrid Ingeborg Ingrid (1940 -) m. Henri, Count de Montpezat. Anastasia Renee Ingrid Margarethe ...

  9. Cymburgis of Masovia - Wikipedia

    Cymburgis of Masovia (German: Cimburgis von Masowien), also Zimburgis or Cimburga (Polish: Cymbarka mazowiecka; 1394 or 1397 – 28 September 1429), a member of the Polish Piast dynasty, was Duchess of Austria from 1412 until 1424, by her marriage with the Habsburg duke Ernest the Iron.

  10. Catarina da Pomerânia – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livreânia

    Catarina de Brunsvique-Volfembutel (c. 1488 - 19 de junho de 1563), duquesa de Saxe-Lauemburgo como esposa de Magno I de Saxe-Lauemburgo, com quem teve seis filhos; Henrique V de Brunsvique-Luneburgo (10 de novembro de 1489 - 11 de junho de 1568), sua primeira esposa foi Maria de Württemberg, com quem teve oito filhos, e depois foi marido da ...