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  1. Alfonso II of Naples-Wikipedia He also appeared as a fictionalised version of historical figure Carlo de' Medici on the Starz series Da Vinci's Demons , which ran from 2013-2015. Ray Fearon - Wikipedia

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    Engaged to Alfonso di Ercole II d'Este, but died before the marriage •Francesco (March 25, 1541 – October 19, 1587) Cosimo's successor as Grand Duke of Tuscany •Isabella (31 August 1542 – 16 July 1576) was murdered by her husband Paolo Giordano I Orsini because of infidelity •Giovanni (28 September 1543 – November 1562)

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    The Order of Santiago was founded by Alfonso VIII’s uncle, Ferdinand II of León (c. 1137 – 1188) in 1171. While on his way back to León from Badajoz, Ferdinand II took control of the city of Cáceres, where he, the bishop of Salamanca, and thirteen knights established the Order of the Fratres of Cáceres.

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    Isabella del Balzo Queen Consort of Naples 1468-1533.Ferrara Place of burial Ferrara Family House of Baux Father Pirro Del Balzo Sibling Antonia del Balzo,Child-Ferdinand, Duke of Calabria,Giulia d'Aragona.Spouse Frederick IV of Naples.Altobello Persio (attr.) 1540 ca.from Santa Maria della Croce (Ferrandina)

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    Jan 04, 2015 · Failing with the King of Naples, the Pope, following the wishes of his son, turned to the king of France, who he needed the Pope to dissolve his marriage. [/FONT] [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif][3] Charlotte of Aragon (1479/1480-1506) was the only daughter of King Frederick of Naples (1452-1504) and his first wife Anne of Savoy (1455-1480).

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    In her hometown of Oviedo, Letizia completed her primary education at the Colegio Público La Gesta de Oviedo and started her secondary education at the Instituto Alfonso II. Due to her father’s job as a journalist, the whole family moved to Madrid in 1987 where Letizia continued her secondary education at the Instituto Ramiro de Maeztu.

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    He marched into Italy, welcomed and assisted by Milan, whose leader, Ludovico Sforza, thought that the defeat of Alfonso II of Naples (his rival) would be to his advantage. However, as Charles headed through Italy, he started winning too much, too easily. He took Naples without much difficulty, and stayed there for a while in 1495.

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    Alfonso II of Aragon. Alfonso II (1–25 March 1157Benito Vicente de Cuéllar (1995),, p. 630-631; in Hidalguía. XLIII (252) pp. 619–632."Alfonso II el Casto, hijo de Petronila y Ramón Berenguer IV, nació en Huesca en 1157;". Cfr. Josefina Mateu Ibars, María Dolores Mateu Ibars (1980).. Universitat Barcelona, p. 546.,.Antonio Ubieto ...

  9. Dec 08, 2016 · di nuovo in Italia : back in Italy March-April 2017 Thursday, December 8, 2016. Train from Mantova to Rome.

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