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  1. Jun 10, 2020 · Add to Collection. Alternative History, Balance, Events, Fixes, Gameplay, Ideologies, Map, Military, National Focuses, Utilities. Tags: Spain, Spanish Civil War, No Civil War. File Size.

  2. Now, in 1936, Alfonso XIII holds his throne, but the unrest in the south of the nation will soon cause an uprising never seen before in Spanish history. FIRST PICTURE Here we can see the initial national spirits of the Kingdom of Spain. I’ll go a bit deeper into each one:

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  4. Jun 16, 2019 · Description "1934 - Vive le Roi !" is an alternate history mode allowing you to play in a world where the nationalist leagues took power in february 1934 in France. - Replace the Support Status Quo path by a monarchist one, - Renamed political parties, - Change France's color, - Add better leader traits and flags

  5. Yes and no. The Carlists (one Monarchist movement) go against Franco. There was another Monarchist movement in Spain (The Alfonsists) which is not really represented in the game. It is possible that in this Carlist uprising, the Alfonsists do not rise up as well.

  6. TWR is a Realistic mod: r/hoi4modding • Map of Europe, Ideologies, and a small look at the Soviet Union in Over the Horizon (We need GFX devs, but anyone can apply!)

  7. Sep 25, 2019 · Finally, the tree deals with the re-establishment of the Monarchy, as well as the restoration of the old Spanish possessions: France (which may also be peacefully ‘united’ if the player selects Alfonso XIII or his son as Carlist monarch and the French player/AI has also selected the Legitimist monarchy branch, as the claimant for both of ...

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