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    Today · The “fruit of the Spirit” (Galatians 5:22-23), when taught as merely a set of godly character traits (which they are) (and we need to pursue them), stops short of the ultimate purpose of those trai…

  2. The Predator (film) - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · The Predator is a 2018 American science fiction action film directed by Shane Black and written by Black and Fred Dekker.It is the fourth installment in the Predator franchise.

    • Henry Jackman
    • September 6, 2018 (TIFF), September 14, 2018 (United States)
  3. Civil Uprising – Bolshevik Coup in the US (Summary Document ...

    1 day ago · After the AntiChrist is birthed from the ashes of chaos (Ordo Ab Chao), Obama will receive 42 months to persecute and martyr the Christians (Revelation 13), and will go into the new 3rd Temple in Jerusalem 3.5 years after the peace deal covenant is confirmed and commit the Abomination of Desolation (Matt 24:15/2 Thess 2).

    • ALIEN COVENANT (2017) Everything Explained Prometheus Connections
    • Alien Covenant ACTUALLY Explained (With Real Answers)
    • The Ending Of Alien: Covenant Explained
    • ALIEN COVENANT (2017) Everything Explained + Prometheus Connections 2017

    1 day ago · St Augustine, in his homily on the First Epistle of John, remarked, “Love - and do what you like.”[1] St. Augustine’s tenet expresses the theme of the readings of today’s 30th Sunday in ordinary time.

  5. New Zion Assembly – 10/25/20 – "We Are the Church" | USSA ...

    1 day ago · Illegal Aliens vs. U.S. Citizens; The American Dream is now The American Nightmare. Thanks Liberals. Politics. This is Why We Have Free Speech, a President, a Congress, and a Supreme Court. Don’t Defund the Police, Defund the Politicians Who Make Idiotic Laws that Cause People to Hate the Police! Our Constitution…Explained. Our Law. Learn this.

  6. Sigourney Weaver had 'concerns' about underwater scenes in ...

    1 day ago · Once she was ready to go, the 'Alien' star had to be placed in a giant tank with weights around her waist to film. The actress won't be returning as the same character in the sequels to the 2009 ...

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  8. Monday, October 26, 2020 - Dial A Prayer

    Today · Pray this Lazaroo with locked-in faith: “…make my joy complete by being like-minded…”(Philippians 2:1) Many of us put a high premium on being different, Jesus! And so we are. No two of us are exactly alike. You’ve made each of us unique. Then why is it so important for the people in Your Church to be like-minded? Well…there are some things that we all have to agree on, aren’t ...

  9. 1 day ago · There was a lot to learn there, but the most interesting thing was when he explained the core rationale for the redesign: of the top ten new feature requests for Office, every year, six to eight of them were already features built into the product, and had been for at least one previous version.

  10. 25 Oct 2020 – National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help

    1 day ago · This is best explained by St. John in his first letter when he said: “Those who say, “I love God,” and hate their brothers or sisters, are liars; for those who do not love a brother or sister whom they have seen, cannot love God whom they have not seen” (I John 4: 20).