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  1. Alien: Covenant Everything Explained - YouTube

    I took the top five questions audiences were asking about Ridley Scott's Alien Covenant (2017) and explain them! #Alien #RidleyScott #MichaelFassbender Link:...

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  2. Alien: Covenant Advent Bonus Scene and Blu-ray Deleted Scenes explained! Subscribe for more! Connect with Jan on Twitter ht...

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  3. Alien Covenant, Explained: Ending, Spoilers, Theories ...

    May 19, 2017 · Alien: Covenant is a movie about a ship, named the USCSS Covenant, sent to colonize a remote planet and begin a new society because, judging from every movie in this series, things are bleak as...

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    May 19, 2017 · Warning: Major SPOILERS for Alien: Covenant ahead. Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott's latest in his ever-expanding sci-fi horror franchise, follows the crew of the sub-titular colonization vessel as they explore a presumed paradise only to discover the extra-terrestrial horrors that lie within.

  6. Alien: Covenant Ending Explained | Den of Geek

    May 11, 2018 · The original title for Alien: Covenant was supposed to be Alien: Paradise Lost, and this is more than a wink to poet John Milton, author of the gargantuan ten-book tome that makes up the epic poem ...

  7. Alien Covenant Ending Explained: What's the Deal with David ...

    May 19, 2017 · Alien: Covenant is a very bad movie, and it’s bad until the credits roll. The movie is filled with dumb characters, and when the movie reaches its climax, it assumes you’re just as dumb.

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    Shortly after his activation, David is interviewed by Sir Peter Weyland in a palatial lakeside apartment. David expresses his confusion at having to serve humans, despite being immortal and humans not.Many years later, the colony spaceship USCSS Covenant is en route to the planet Origae-6, carrying over 2,000 colonists in hypersleep, and 1,140 human embryos. On December 5, 2104, still seven years four months from its destination, the vessel is struck by a neutrino blast from a nearby stellar...

    1. David .... Michael Fassbender 2. Walter .... Michael Fassbender 3. Daniels .... Katherine Waterston 4. Oram .... Billy Crudup 5. Tennessee .... Danny McBride 6. Lopé .... Demián Bichir 7. Karine .... Carmen Ejogo 8. Ricks .... Jussie Smollett 9. Upworth .... Callie Hernandez 10. Faris .... Amy Seimetz 11. Hallett .... Nathaniel Dean 12. Ankor .... Alex England 13. Ledward .... Ben Rigby 14. Cole .... Uli Latukefu 15. Rosenthal .... Tess Haubrich 16. Voice of \\"Mother\\" .... Lorelei King 17....

    During the March 17, 2012 WonderCon, Scott stated that Prometheus would leave many questions unanswered, and that these could be answered in a sequel, saying, \\"If we're lucky, there'll be a second part. It does leave you with some nice open questions.\\" Asked if a sequel would be a direct prequel to Alien, Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof said, \\"If we're fortunate enough to do a sequel... it will tangentialize even further away from the original Alien.\\"In June 2012, Lindelof stated that while...

    On October 24, 2016, the production team revealed details regarding the new alien creature that would feature in the movie — dubbed the \\"Neomorph\\" by the production crew — through an exclusive released by The creatures share several traits with the Xenomorphs from earlier films (most notably, they gestate inside living human hosts) but were otherwise designed to be quite different, with white, translucent skin. Later the same month, a batch of photographs were leaked showcasing...

    During pre-production, Scott clarified that Michael Fassbender would return for the sequel, playing both David from Prometheus as well as a \\"doppelganger\\" named Walter. In December 2015, it was announced that American actress Katherine Waterston had been cast as Daniels, the film's lead character. Despite Scott initially claiming that Noomi Rapace would not be returning as Prometheus protagonist Elizabeth Shaw, it was later confirmed that she would in fact be appearing in the sequel. However,...

    In November 2015, it was confirmed that Covenant would film in Sydney, Australia, making it only the second film in the Alien series not to be filmed in the UK, after Alien Resurrection (although minor reshoots were later carried out at Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden near Watford, England).Principal photography began on April 4, 2016. Throughout the month, photographs shot by passers by revealed a set for the film, apparently a section of spacecraft, was under construction on location in Mil...

    In 2016, a viral campaign called \\"Meet Walter\\" started circulating as a link to a website a where the visitor could \\"Reserve\\" their own Walter synthetic companion, as featured in Alien: Covenant. This website is designed to look like a product overview, detailing Walter's features, accompanied by a video, depicting Weyland-Yutani manufacturing a Walter from start to finish. This viral campaign is very similar to the David 8 viral campaign for Prometheus.

    The film was originally scheduled for an October 6, 2017 release date, but this was brought forward to August 4, 2017. The release date was later brought forward again to May 19, 2017. Prior to release, a 10-minute preview of the film was shown as part of special screenings of Alien and Prometheus on Alien Day 2017.

    Two novels, both written by Alan Dean Foster, were published to coincide with the release of the film. The first, released in May, 2017, was a novelization of the film script, while the second was an official prequel novel set before the film's events. The books represent Foster's first involvement with the franchise for 25 years, having previously written the novelizations of Alien, Aliens and Alien3. The prequel novel was also the first original story Foster had penned for the franchise. Ti...

    1. Alien: Covenant was the first Alien film to be released after the death of H. R. Giger in 2014. 2. The GoPro cameras mounted on the actors during scenes on the planet were actually used to capture footage during filming — some of this footage can be seen in the Crew Messages promotional short films. 3. Covenant is also the first to discontinue the recurring theme of synthetic characters in the franchise having names that began with subsequent letters of the alphabet; Ash in Alien, Bishop...

    1. Alien: Covenant (novel) — The novelization of the film by Alan Dean Foster. 2. Alien: Covenant - Origins — The official prequel novel by Alan Dean Foster. 3. Alien: Covenant short films — A series of promotional short films related to Alien: Covenant.

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