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  1. Adelheid of Savoy died there on November 18, 1154 at the age of 62 and was buried in front of the large altar in the abbey church of St-Pierre de Montmartre . Her tomb was one of the first in France to have a tombstone depicting the deceased. In 1643, Adelheid's grave was moved to the choir under Abbess Marie de Beauvilliers and was later ...

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    January 8 – François-Henri de Montmorency, duc de Luxembourg, French general (d. 1695) January 10. John Bennet, English landowner and politician (d. 1663) Jan Theunisz Blanckerhoff, Dutch Golden Age marine painter (d. 1669) January 12 – Charles Perrault, French folklorist (d. 1703)

  3. USS_Lamons_(DE-743) via ROOT to Military to Military_organization to Military_branches to Navies to Navies_by_type to Merchant_marine to Ships to Ships_by_era to World_War_II_ships .41_Rimfire_Cartridge ( talk ) via ROOT to Military to Military_equipment to Military_equipment_by_type to Weapons to Ammunition to Pistol_and_rifle_cartridges

  4. Nov 26, 2018 · Ad Honorem. Aug 2015. 3,917. Chalfont, Pennsylvania. Nov 26, 2018. #1. Catharina-Amalia, born 7 December 2003, was declared Princess of Orange and heir apparent to the Kingdom of the Netherlands when her grandmother Queen Beatrice abdicated on 20 April 2013 in favor of her oldest son, The present King Willem-Alexander.

  5. from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Bouton family was an old, noble family in the Bresse and Côte-d'Or region . She traces her origins back to Charles the Bald , and later reunites with the Jauche family , who come from Brabant. Jean de Jauche calls himself Bouton , probably in honor of his grandmother, who was already called that.

  6. Membre de l’équipe de basketball des Nomades du CEGEP Montmorency, de 2016 à 2018. Nommé joueur de basketball de l’année 2018 de l’Association canadienne du sport collégial. Alix est un jeune homme dynamique, responsable et persévérant.

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