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  1. Description: . 害羞学妹穿JK制服帮补课老师打飞机,温柔爱抚好舒服。 – 08 mins

  2. Anastasia de Montfort. Anastasia de Montfort, Countess of Nola (born c. 1274), was an Italian noblewoman and a wealthy heiress. She was the eldest daughter of Guy de Montfort, Count of Nola, himself the son of Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester. She held the title suo jure Countess of Nola after her father's death in 1291.

  3. Hildegarde de Thouars, Vicomtesse de Thouars (c.1058 - 1099) Hugh VI of Lusignan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia From his marriage c. 1065 to Hildegarde or Ildégarde de Thouars, daughter of Aimery IV de Thouars, Vicomte de Thouars, and wife Aurengarde ... View Hildegarde de Thouars, Vicomtesse de Thouars's genealogy profile

  4. Sep 11, 2018 · French noblewoman Alix de Montmorency imprisons the Jewish population of Toulouse for refusing to convert. She eventually released them all except for children under six, who were taken and adopted by Christians. 1221 An anti-Jewish riot erupts in Erfurt, where the Jewish quarter is destroyed along with two synagogues.

  5. Malcolm de Sousa: 5 Frontier Services: 5 National Competition Council: 5 Samuel Highland: 5 Bouchard V de Montmorency: 5 Trenace Lowe: 5 John Whitehall Dod: 5 Charles Longueville, 12th Baron Grey de Ruthyn: 5 Royal Thai Army Volunteer Regiment: 5 Malia Kioa: 5 Charles Kernot: 5 Christopher Neville (died 1649) 5 Lionel Duckett (MP) 5 Frederic S ...

  6. Jul 07, 2018 · "m (Abbaye de la Sainte-Trinité, Bapaume, Pas-de-Calais 28 Apr 1180) as his first wife, PHILIPPE II “Auguste” King of France, son of LOUIS VII King of France & his third wife Alix de Champagne (Château de Gonesse, Val d’Oise 21 Aug 1165-Mantes, Yvelines 14 Jul 1223, bur église de l'Abbaye royale de Saint-Denis).

  7. Jun 06, 2018 · ép. 1186 Alix de Courtenay ° 1160 + 12/02/1218 (fille de Pierre de France, seigneur de Courtenay, et d’Elisabeth de Courtenay ; divorcée de Guillaume 1er, comte de Joigny) (citée dans une charte à Vindelle entre 1186 & 1191) ”. 14

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