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  1. Mar 07, 2022 · Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking. Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking is a self-help classic, with over 20m copies sold worldwide. It has been a #1 bestseller in nine European countries. It outsells all other quit smoking titles combined.

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    The Illustrated Easy Way to Stop Smoking; Allen Carr's How to be a Happy Non-smoker; Allen Carr Easyway Express; Allen Carr's Quit Smoking Boot Camp; Allen Carr's Easyway to Quit Vaping; My Stop Smoking Coach with Allen Carr (Nintendo DS, 2008) Allen Carr's Easyway to Quit Smoking (the most up to date version of the method) Alcohol

  3. Allen Carr's Easyway is the most successful stop-smoking method of all time. It has helped millions of smokers from all over the world to quit. In Quit Drinking Without Willpower, Allen Carr's Easyway method has been applied to problem drinking. By explaining why you feel the need to drink and with simple step-by-step instructions to set you ...

  4. Feb 07, 2022 · Allen Carr's Easyway (International) Ltd - Registered in England No 2423347 | Allen Carr's Easyway (US) Ltd - Registered in England No 8779260 Registered office - Park House, 14 Pepys Road, Raynes Park, London SW20 8NH, UK. | Tel: +44 (0) 20 8944 7761

  5. Smoking cessation, usually called quitting smoking or stopping smoking, is the process of discontinuing tobacco smoking. Tobacco smoke contains nicotine , which is addictive and can cause dependence .

  6. Aug 30, 2022 · QMy partner’s smoking habit is driving me crazy. He promised to quit when I was pregnant, then for her birth. ... I’m alerting you to Allen Carr’s “Easy Way to Stop Smoking” books ...

  7. These are just a few of the health benefits of quitting smoking for good, but there are others, too. Quitting smoking lowers your risk of other cancers over time as well, including cancers of the stomach, pancreas, liver, cervix, and colon and rectum, as well as acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

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