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  1. May 12, 2022 · Alliteration examples are often funny and witty. At other times, they are poetic and moody. You can use alliteration to draw a mental picture, set the scene, or simply add a twist of fun to a brand or character name. Kids sometimes find alliteration examples challenging to pronounce, which is where the fun is.

  2. Nov 03, 2021 · Alliteration is the repetition of an initial consonant sound in words that are in close proximity to each other. By “close proximity,” we mean words that can be—but don’t have to be—consecutive. Perhaps the easiest way to recognize alliteration is to see it in action, so take a look at these examples: Leapin’ lizards! Taco Tuesday.

  3. The English language offers writers many literary devices that make their writing more engaging and interesting. Assonance, figurative language, onomatopoeia, and simile are all examples of these. One that frequently shows up in poetry and children’s literature is alliteration. According to the dictionary, the definition of alliteration is ...

  4. Alliteration - The most important things at a glance. Alliteration is a literary device that normally occurs when the same (usually consonant sound) is repeated at the beginning of closely connected words in sentences or phrases. Examples of alliteration can be found in poetry, prose, songs, common phrases and names.

  5. Examples of Alliteration in Poetry. In poetry, alliteration is also called head rhyme or initial rhyme. The sounds begin with adjacent words or syllables to create the repetitive pattern. Specific sounds can affect the mood of a poem. Alliteration can give a poem a calm, smooth feeling or a loud, harsh one.

  6. Weather/Nature Themed Alliteration Examples. If your students love weather and nature, here are some great examples: The beautiful bouquet blossomed in the bright sun. The tornado tossed the trailer like a trash can. The wind was whistling through the weeping willows. Paula planted the pretty pink poppies in the pot.

  7. Jan 10, 2021 · Definition. Alliteration is a literary technique when two or more linked words share the same first consonant sound, such as “duty done”. It is derived from Latin, meaning “letters of the alphabet”. A figure of speech and a literary term in which consonants, especially at the beginning of words, or stressed syllables, are repeated.

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