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  1. Using our alliteration worksheets teaches children how to: draw attention to certain words. focus the reader's attention. add a splash of colour to their writing. incorporate rhythm into a sentence or phrase. create a mood. conjure up a certain image in the reader's mind, e.g. 'the sneaky snake slithered past'.

  2. Sounds change the way a sentence is read, especially when every word in a sentence begins with the same letter. Using 4th grade alliteration worksheets, students play with the concept of sound and investigate how it affects language. With animal sounds, silly sounds, and more, students find the fun in speech with 4th grade alliteration ...

  3. Alliterations Adjectives & Alliterations Adjectives worksheet: Create alliterations Alliteration is the repetition of the same first letter in two or more successive words. We often make use of alliteration to make a sentence sound more pleasing. In these worksheets, students are asked to think of adjectives to create alliterations.

  4. Free Alliteration Worksheets A variety of free, fun alliteration activities that will draw kids attention towards the sounds in words. Animal Alliteration Activities Make up names that start with the same letter sound as the animal or sort them into groups with the same first letter sound. Click on the image to download as a PDF document.

  5. Go paperless with our Google Slides alliteration and onomatopoeia digital figurative language resource! These activities feature 32 interactive slides for students to work through. Develop your students' ability to understand and use figurative language in their writing. Great for distance learning and at-home learning.

  6. Alliteration Worksheets To Print: Big Sounds! - This worksheet is very noisy. Bash, boom, bang! Making music means you might make many noises. Music is its own language, filled with many sounds. Alliteration also helps creates noises and sounds in the English language.

  7. Explore Figurative Language Worksheets in Detail Alliteration Worksheets Soup up your figurative language by savoring a string of sassy and scintillating alliterations in these worksheets! Ring in a world of music to your sentences by taking exercises such as identifying, matching, and writing alliterations. Allusion Worksheets

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