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  1. Alvin Harvey Hansen (23. august 1887 – 6. juni 1975), ofte kaldt "den amerikanske Keynes", var professor i økonomi ved Harvard, en meget læst forfatter om aktuelle, økonomiske emner og en indflydelsesrig rådgiver for den amerikanske regering.

  2. Alvin Hansen era filho de uma família de origem dinamarquesa. Graduou-se no Yankton College, em 1910, e na Universidade do Wisconsin, recebeu seu Doutorado/Ph.D. em 1918. Richard T. Ely e John R. Commons foram seus professores. Ele ensinou na Universidade Brown, entre 1916 e 1919, enquanto escrevia sua tese doutoral, cujo titulo é "Cycles of ...

  3. Alvin Harvey Hansen (1887-1975) was professor of Economics at Harvard University, and is best known in the History of modern economic thought for introducing Keynesian economics in the United States in the 1930s. More effectively than anyone else, he explicated, extended, domesticated, and popularized the controversial ideas embodied in Keynes ...

  4. Encyclopedia of World Biography on Alvin Hansen The influential economist Alvin Hansen (1887-1975) brought the 1930s Keynesian revolution in economics to the United States. He was a prolific writer who also played significant roles in the creation of the Social Security System and the Council of Economic Advisors.

  5. Alvin H. Hansen (August 23, 1887 - June 6, 1975) Viborg Baptist Cemetery, Viborg, South Dakota, USA. Hansen's grave site. Wikipedia page on Alvin Hansen. Wikipedia page on the township of Viborg, SD. Page for Viborg Baptist Cemetery F.A. Hayek (May 8, 1899 - March 23, 1992) Neustift am Walde cemetery, Vienna, Austria.

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    Alvin H. Hansen, 1887-1975. American economist at Harvard, that began as an American Institutionalist but converted into one of the leading proponents of Keynesianism in the United States. Alvin Harvey Hansen was born in Viborg, South Dakota, the son of Danish immigrants.

  7. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jacob Viner (3 May 1892 – 12 September 1970) was a Canadian economist and is considered with Frank Knight and Henry Simons to be one of the "inspiring" mentors of the early Chicago school of economics in the 1930s: he was one of the leading figures of the Chicago faculty.

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