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  1. It's a Wonderful Life (1946) - Trivia - IMDb › title › tt0038650

    Frank Capra based George Bailey's character on Amadeo Giannini (more commonly known as A. P. Giannini), the founder of Bank of Italy (which became the original Bank of America) in California, also part of the present day (2020) Bank of America, who is credited as the inventor and innovator of many modern banking practices. Most notably ...

  2. One of the original Lodges in Big Bear overlooking the lake and entrance to Big Bear Village. Built in 1916, by Amadeo Giannini, Founder of Bank of America, as his family's vacation home in Big Bear. Later featured in multiple Hollywood motion pictures and Western Classics such as "Bonanza". This listing is for a Single Traveler in our Camp Ground.

  3. WHO RUNS CALI? The ‘Family’ With Wealth, Power, & Influence ... › analysis-and-reports › who

    Feb 24, 2019 · J. Paul’s family tree includes 5 wives, 5 sons, 19 Grand children, 28 great grand children and so far 5 great-great grand children, many already deceased. His descendent’s include a Knight of the Order of the British Empire , actors, musicians, models, film directors, philanthropists, businessmen, and 4 great grandchildren – who’s aunt ...

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    Water and Power Associates, Inc. is a non-profit, public service organization dedicated to preserving historical records and photos. We are of the belief that this information should be made available to everyone—for free, without restriction, without limitation and without advertisements.

  5. 1968 6c Historic American Flags: First Stars and Stripes for ... › Products › United-States

    1973 21c Amadeo P. Giannini. $0.30- $85.00 ... This stamp pictures the first official 13-star, 13-stripe flag authorized by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777 ...

  6. Walking the Golden Gate Bridge | A Visitor Guide | Free Tours ... › walking-the-golden-gate-bridge

    Giannini was willing to lend all the money that was required to build the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a huge undertaking with a massive risk involved, but he believed it was the right decision. The plaque that you are standing in front of commemorates the meeting of Giannini and Strauss which sealed the future for the bridge.

  7. The main character is Gino Monetti, the family patriarch, played by Robinson, who is part Amadeo Giannini, founder of Bank of America and part Charles Ponzi, founder of the Ponzi Scheme. Directed by Joseph Mankiewicz, "House of Strangers" is a time capsule.

  8. North and South Poles (117 books) - Goodreads › list › show

    Books about either the North or South Pole regions, which may include anything within the Arctic and Antarctic circles. Fiction and nonfiction are welcome on this list. Please note just because a book is set in Alaska does not mean it's in the Arctic Circle. A book’s total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who ...

  9. Readers sound off on Mayor de Blasio, Matt Harvey and women's ... › opinion › july-13-mayor-de

    Jul 13, 2015 · July 10). The Daily News could do them a greater service by running a story on the pay disparity between men's soccer and women's soccer. The U.S. women's team got $2 million for winning, while ...

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    Jul 12, 2017 · originally posted by: Hyperboles thanks muchly for your reply. I came across a assertion made by a scientist amadeo giannini in his book lands beyond the poles where he asserts the period of the pendulum increases at the equator because of lesser gravity there. since the book was published in 1956, i dont suppose atomic clocks were in vogue at the time.

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