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  1. List of AMD processors - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_AMD_microprocessors

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from List of AMD microprocessors) This article gives a list of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) microprocessors, sorted by generation and release year. If applicable and openly known, the designation (s) of each processor's core (versions) is (are) listed in parentheses.

  2. List of AMD Phenom microprocessors - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_AMD_Phenom

    The AMD Phenom family is a 64-bit microprocessor family from AMD, based on the K10 microarchitecture. It includes the Phenom II X6 hex-core series, Phenom X4 and Phenom II X4 quad-core series, Phenom X3 and Phenom II X3 tri-core series, and Phenom II X2 dual-core series.

    Model Number
    Phenom X4 9100e Archived
    1.8 GHz
    1.6 GHz
    Phenom X4 9150e Archived
    1.8 GHz
    1.6 GHz
    Phenom X4 9350e Archived
    2.0 GHz
    1.8 GHz
    Phenom X4 9450e Archived
    2.1 GHz
    1.8 GHz
  3. Advanced Micro Devices - Wikipedia › wiki › Advanced_Micro_Devices

    In 2007, AMD added the AMD Athlon, AMD Turion, and Mobile AMD Sempron processors to its embedded product line. Leveraging the same 64-bit instruction set and Direct Connect Architecture as the AMD Opteron but at lower power levels, these processors were well suited to a variety of traditional embedded applications.

    • May 1, 1969; 51 years ago
    • $9.76 billion (2020)
  4. List of AMD accelerated processing units - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_AMD_accelerated

    CPU: K10 (or Husky or K10.5) with no L3 cache cores with an upgraded architecture known as Stars L1 Cache: 64 KB Data per core and 64 KB Instructions per core MMX , Enhanced 3DNow! , SSE , SSE2 , SSE3 , SSE4a , ABM , NX bit , AMD64 , Cool'n'Quiet , AMD-V

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  6. List of AMD Athlon microprocessors - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_AMD_Athlon

    Athlon is the name of a family of CPUs designed by AMD, targeted mostly at the desktop market.It has been largely unused as just "Athlon" since 2001 when AMD started naming its processors Athlon XP, but in 2008 began referring to single core 64-bit processors from the AMD Athlon X2 and AMD Phenom product lines.

    Model Number
    Order Part Number
    Athlon 550
    550 MHz
    AMD-K7550MTR51B A
    Athlon 600
    600 MHz
    AMD-K7600MTR51B A
    Athlon 650
    650 MHz
    AMD-K7650MTR51B A
    Athlon 700
    700 MHz
    AMD-K7700MTR51B A
  7. Ryzen - Wikipedia › wiki › Ryzen

    On June 16, 2020, AMD announced new Ryzen 3000 series XT processors with 4% higher boost clocks versus non XT processors. On October 8, 2020, AMD announced the highly anticipated Zen 3 architecture for their Ryzen 5000 series processors, featuring a 19% instructions per cycle (IPC) improvement over Zen 2, while being built on the same 7nm TSMC ...

    • Mainstream: Up to 16 cores, HEDT: Up to 64 cores
    • 3.0 GHz to 4.9 GHz
    • February 2017 (Released March 2, 2017)
    • 14 nm to 7 nm
  8. Epyc - Wikipedia › wiki › Epyc

    Design. The platform includes one- and two-socket systems. In multi-processor configurations, two Epyc CPUs communicate via AMD's Infinity Fabric. Each server chip supports 8 channels of memory and 128 PCIe 3.0 lanes, of which 64 lanes from each are used for CPU-to-CPU communication through Infinity Fabric when installed in a dual-processor configuration.

    • June 2017
    • AMD
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