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  1. The American Revolution was an ideological and political revolution that occurred in British America between 1765 and 1791. The Americans in the Thirteen Colonies formed independent states that defeated the British in the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), gaining independence from the British Crown and establishing the United States of America, the first modern constitutional liberal ...

  2. The American Revolution was far more than an uprising of discontented colonists against the British king. It was a world war that involved multiple nations fighting battles on land and sea around the globe. This broader conflict ultimately determined the outcome in America. The Revolution’s origins lay as much in the Seven Years’ War as in ...

  3. Nov 15, 2017 · The American Revolution was a colonial revolt that began in Massachusetts in the 18th century.. The conflict, which took place between the years 1763 and 1783, was originally between Great Britain and the British North American colonies but later became a global war when France, Spain and the Dutch Republic joined in, resulting in the Anglo-French War (1778-1783) and the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War ...

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    • Lead-in To War: 1763 to 1774. End of the Seven Years War. February 10, 1763. The Treaty of Paris ends the Seven Years War (French and Indian War). France surrenders all of its North American possessions east of the Mississippi to Britain.
    • Independence Declared: 1775 to 1777. War Breaks Out. April 19, 1775. The first shots of the Revolutionary War are fired at Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts.
    • War in the North: 1777 to 1778. Battle of Saratoga: Britsh Setback. October 17, 1777. General John Burgoyne's attempt to separate the rebellious New England colonies from those farther south ends in a spectacular failure.
    • Southern Campaigns: 1779 to 1781. Charleston Falls to the British. May 12, 1780. The British take Charleston, S.C., capture a large patriot army, and deal the rebels one of their worst defeats of the war.
  5. The American Revolution was the first wave of the Atlantic Revolutions that took hold in the French Revolution, the Haitian Revolution, and the Latin American wars of liberation. Aftershocks reached Ireland in the 1798 rising, in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth , and in the Netherlands .

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