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  1. Learn American Sign Language with a Comprehensive, Systematic Approach Access all three years of ASL (ASL 1, 2, and 3) with all of our course options Finally understand ASL grammar with our straightforward grammar lessons Join over 6,000 students in our ASL learning community

  2. Sign language classes can be found at community colleges, universities, libraries, churches, organizations/clubs of the deaf, and lots of other places. You can also expand your knowledge of ASL by practicing your signs with people who are deaf or hard of hearing and also know ASL.

  3. With the American Sign Language Interpreting Certificate, you can prepare for a career in American Sign Language (ASL)/English interpreting. Learn about the language, culture, and community of Deaf/Hard of Hearing/DeafBlind people Take part in networking opportunities with alumni and professionals in the community

  4. Gallaudet University’s ASL Connect program has the online courses you need to help you communicate with the diverse Deaf people around you. ASL Courses We offer for-credit, online ASL courses as well as in-person Summer courses. Both introductory and advanced courses are available.

  5. ASL Online Courses American Sign Language I This course is an introduction to the basic skills in developing production and comprehension skills in American Sign Language (ASL). Students will learn ASL vocabulary, structure, and grammar. Course content also includes the manual alphabet and numbers.

  6. Sep 13, 2022 · The 7 Best Online Sign Language Classes of 2023 Best Overall: Gallaudet University Best Budget: American Sign Language University Best for Beginners: ASL Meredith Best for School Credit: Start ASL Best for One-on-One Lessons: SignOn Connect Best for Vocabulary: ASLDeafined Best Overall : Gallaudet University Pros Free ASL beginner courses

  7. Oct 2, 2019 · The signs that are used in ASL are from the American Manual Alphabet. This alphabet uses 22 handshapes in different positions or with certain movements to represent the 26 letters of the American alphabet. Fingerspelling is only used about 10% of the time and is primarily used for: People’s names Brand names Book and movie titles

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