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  1. 21 Simple American Wedding Traditions You Should Know In 2021 › american-wedding-traditions

    May 07, 2019 · On the other hand, in American weddings customs, the wedding cake is usually a sponge cake. This tiers for the cake are usually stacked one on top of the other. In American wedding reception, lots of guests get up to dance in-between dinner courses. While at British weddings, dancing doesn’t begin until after dinner.

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  3. 7 Wedding Cake Traditions and Their Meanings › wedding-cake-traditions-486933
    • Cutting the Cake. Along with the first dance and bouquet toss, this charming tradition is one of those photo opportunities that graces every wedding album.
    • The Bride and Groom Feeding Each Other Cake. The second act of the traditional cake cutting ceremony is when the bride and groom feed each other a small bite of cake.
    • The Groom's Cake. Early American weddings had groom's cakes and southern states in the U.S. continue to perpetuate this wedding tradition. Many modern weddings have resurrected the tradition of this cake to showcase the groom's hobbies, individual taste, and even their favorite sports teams.
    • Saving the Top Tier. Most couples cannot resist saving the top tier of their wedding cake to eat on their first anniversary or a christening ceremony. In the past, christenings were often within a year of the wedding so this made perfect sense.
  4. The Tradition of Cake Cutting - American Wedding Wisdom › blog › 2014

    The wedding cake is usually served at the wedding reception after everyone is finished with dinner. It was originally created to bring good luck and fortune to all guests attending, as well as to the lovely couple. Some parts of the world actually serve the cake at a wedding breakfast following the ceremony the night before.

  5. 21 American Wedding Traditions That Couples Continue To Use › american-wedding-traditions

    Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had their small figurines on their wedding cake. Today, the wedding cake continues to thrive with cake toppers in high demand. Americans own unique custom was the grooms’ cake that originated from the South. Something old, Something new, Something borrowed and Something blue

  6. 15 American Wedding Traditions That Have Shocking Origins › most-popular › 15-american
    • Carrying The Bride Over The Threshold. There are actually two origins behind this tradition--one is kind of sweet, and the other. Well... Plutarch's Lives records the story of the Sabine women--a group of women who had been kidnapped and forced into marriage.
    • Bride Side And Groom Side. Having a bride's side and a groom's side seems fairly reasonable--presumably the bride's friends and family want to sit together, and the groom's want to sit together too.
    • Tying Shoes To The Bumper Of A Car. Luckily this is one tradition we don't see a lot of anymore, but it does still happen. When a woman got married in some ancient cultures, her father would give her shoes to her new husband.
    • Throwing Rice. Out of all the wedding traditions, pelting the newlyweds with rice or birdseed has gotta be one of the most obnoxious. Rice and birdseed hurt, and the birdseed often attracts unwanted fowls.
  7. American Wedding Traditions | LoveToKnow › wiki › Wedding_Traditions
    • Traditional Customs Americans Follow
    • Other Wedding Customs in The U.S.
    • Modern American Wedding Practices
    • Customs Evolve

    The traditions that Americans in the U.S. follow are frequently borrowed from or have evolved from other countries' and cultures'practices.

    If you attend a traditional wedding in America, you can expect to observe a few customs. Again, while they may not have started in the U.S., they are often practiced across various religions and cultures within the country. Couples may observe just a few or all of these customs. 1. Tossing the garter - The bridegroom removes the garter from the bride's leg. He tosses the garter to the single men who attempt to catch it. This is a humorous "sign" that the man who catches itwill be the next to be married. 2. SourceTossing the bouquet - The bride tosses her bouquetbehind her to the waiting crowd of single women. The lady that catches will be the next to be married, according to folklore. 3. Tossing bird seed for luck - This tradition evolved from Ancient Romewhere the tossing of things like coins or seeds was meant to give the couple good fortune and fertility. 4. Flowers - Historically, flowershave been used in everything from the bride's hair to the reception venues of today. 5. Exch...

    While many of the traditional wedding events and customs are still practiced, things have evolved over the years. A few areas that are changing in modern U.S. weddings include: 1. Seeing the bride before the ceremony - Couples today are choosing to have pre-wedding photographsso they don't keep their guests waiting and they can get more photos taken. 2. Vows - Brides and grooms today often write their own vowsinstead of using the traditional text. 3. Lighting unity candles - Lighting a unity candle (or creating a unity sand vaseor similar item) is a new concept that originated in the U.S. in the late 20th century. It involves the bride and groom each taking a lit candle and lighting a larger one in the center together as a symbol of their new union. 4. Wedding gift registries - While couples have received gifts of money and other items for years, the wedding registry is a relatively new phenomenon that is very American. Macy's department store is credited with creating the first wed...

    American wedding traditions are a fun part of the festivities. While customs will always be evolving, add a few of these practices into your American wedding for a traditional ceremony and reception.

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  8. Important Traditions for the Reception - American Wedding Wisdom › blog › 2012

    Dec 03, 2012 · Probably the most important and most celebrated tradition for your wedding reception is the cake. The tradition of the wedding cake dates back to early roman times when a thin loaf of bread was broken over the bride’s head at the end of the ceremony. The breaking of the bread symbolizes fertility.

  9. Marrying a Marine: 3 Wedding Traditions Brides Can Expect ... › marrying-a-marine-3-wedding
    • Arch of Swords: A select group of six to eight Marines stands on either side of the wedding exit to “shelter the bride” as she and the groom walk out.
    • Spanking the Spouse: Spanking the spouse is a tradition representing a welcoming of the bride into the USMC family. As the couple near the end Arch of Swords, they are blocked by the last two Marine’s swords.
    • Cutting the Cake with Sword: If the bride or groom is an NCO in the Marine Corps, they can choose to cut their wedding cake with a sword. The groom presents the sword to the bride, places his hand over hers, and they cut the cake together.
  10. Differences between American and Australian weddings › differences-american-australian
    • Both parents walk the bride down the aisle. According to Aide-Memoire, it is pretty common for both the mother and the father to walk the bride down the aisle during the wedding ceremony.
    • Wedding guests may participate in a unity bowl ceremony. Australian weddings will sometimes have a ceremony called a unity bowl, according to BuzzFeed.
    • The bride and groom might receive a special Bible. If a couple is Christian, they may receive a keepsake Bible from a family member. According to Bridal Cookie, some Australian weddings feature a ritual in which the family passes down a Bible that has belonged to them for generations is passed down to the newly-married couple for safekeeping.
    • You'll hear different songs. If you attend a wedding in Australia, don't be surprised if you hear songs called "I Still Call Australia Home" and "Waltzing Matilda."
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