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  1. Das Amherst College [ ˈæmərst ˈkɒlɪdʒ] ist ein sehr renommiertes privates Liberal-Arts-College in Amherst (Massachusetts) in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. Es wurde 1821 gegründet und bietet ausschließlich Bachelor -Studiengänge. Als eines der Five Colleges kooperiert es seit 1965 mit vier anderen Hochschulen der Umgebung.

  2. Amherst College. /  42.370833333333, -72.516944444444. Amherst College es una universidad privada ubicada en Amherst, Massachusetts, fundada en 1821. Es una institución que brinda exclusivamente títulos de pregrado. Es conocida por su currículo abierto y demandante y su excelencia académica. La revista U.S. News & World Report la ...

  3. Fondé en 1821, Amherst college est une des plus anciennes universités des États-Unis. Elle porte le nom du général Jeffery Amherst (Baron puis Lord Amherst), commandant en chef de l' armée britannique en Amérique du Nord pendant la guerre de Sept ans. Il fut aussi le premier gouverneur de la Nouvelle-France, une fois conquise par l ...

  4. Amherst College è un college privato di arti liberali sito a Amherst, Massachusetts, Stati Uniti . Amherst è un college esclusivo di lauree quadriennali di primo livello. Gli iscritti sono 1795 studenti nell'autunno del 2010. Gli studenti scelgono 35 corsi da 35 programmi principali, in un insolito programma aperto.

  5. E ighty-seven percent of contributors to Wikipedia are male. This statistic would hardly surprise Professor Martha Saxton’s students. Next spring, for the third time in four years, Saxton will offer a women’s history course in which students research the role of women in various events and groups in U.S. history— the Puritans, the American Revolution, the Gold Rush—and then revise ...

  6. The major emphasizes breadth and depth. While pursuing a thematic or geographical concentration, all students also complete courses in pre-modern and modern history and in multiple geographic areas. Learn More Study Abroad . From Accra to Buenos Aires, Shanghai to Dublin, our majors have studied history around the globe.

  7. Amherst Campus Drive North street got flooded on May 18, 2011.jpg 640 × 480; 154 KB Amherst College Glee Club Recording.jpg 600 × 580; 71 KB Amherst College logo.png 438 × 45; 17 KB

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