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  1. Review: 'Anarchy Parlor' is a dreadful piece of torture porn ...

    Anarchy Parlor’ is a dreadful piece of torture porn Robert LaSardo in the movie “Anarchy Parlor,” directed by Devon Downs and Kenny Gage. (Gravitas Ventures / Gravitas Ventures)

  2. Parlor (film) - Wikipedia

    Parlor (also known as Anarchy Parlor) is a 2014 American horror film and the directorial debut of Devon Downs and Kenny Gage, both of whom also wrote the film's script. It had its world premiere on October 14, 2014 at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival and was shot over a 20-day period in Vilnius, Lithuania .

    • Adrianna Krikl
    • ‹See TfM›, October 14, 2014 (Screamfest Horror Film Festival), June 19, 2015
  3. Anarchy Parlor (2015) - IMDb

    May 12, 2015 · ANARCHY PARLOR is a horror film about a mysterious nomad simply known as the "Artist" who practices a dark art form passed down through the generations. He creates much more than tattoos for tourists who visit his Lithuanian Tattoo Parlor. Shot entirely on location in Vilnius Lithuania, ANARCHY PARLOR features two well-known cast members in the tattoo and horror world.

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    • Devon Downs, Kenny Gage
    • Not Rated
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  5. Anarchy Parlor is as cheap as they come, returning to a single aerial shot throughout for token establishing shots, and featuring gratuitous nudity without any… Review by Cliff ★★★ This tourist-torturing Hostel-esque horror is nobody's idea of a "good film", but it's brash, boorish and unfashionably carnal enough for it to be a good ...

    • (296)
    • Gravitas Ventures
    • Kenny Gage, Devon Downs
  6. Anarchy Parlor (2015) - News - IMDb

    "Anarchy Parlor," written and directed by Kenny Gage ("Raze") and Devon Downs, is about a mysterious nomad known only as the "Artist." He practices a traditional dark art form, and sells a whole lot more than tattoos to tourists who happen upon his Lithuanian Tattoo Parlor .

  7. 'Anarchy Parlor': Film Review | Hollywood Reporter

    Jun 22, 2015 · Anarchy Parlor Still - H 2015. Low-rent torture porn. TWITTER Hapless tourists fall victim to a diabolical tattoo artist who skins his subjects alive in Devon Downs and Kenny Gage's horror film.

  8. Anarchy Parlor (2015) - Rotten Tomatoes

    Anarchy Parlor is little more than a variation on the Hostel theme, which, however exploitative, does contain a nugget of wisdom. June 17, 2015 ...

    • mystery and thriller, horror
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  10. Reviews: Anarchy Parlor - IMDb

    Plenty of exotic location and culture to explore, yet Anarchy Parlor still ends up with typical dumb college kids encounter with danger as its main plot. There are so few of likable characters as they are spewing profanities as replacement for acting, these guys are true representative of swag generation.

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