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    Anchiale (Ancient Greek: Ἀγχιάλη) or Anchialeia was a historic city of ancient Cilicia now a part of modern Mersin, Turkey.It was inhabited during the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine eras.

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    Anchiale, a Cretan nymph, who gave birth to the metalworking Idaean Dactyls in the Dictaean cave. She was also seen as a Titan goddess and perhaps represented the warmth of fire. She was the wife of Hecaterus. Anchiale, according to Servius, was the mother of Oaxes by Apollo. Notes

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    An Anchiale in uska genus han Insecta. An Anchiale in nahilalakip ha familia nga Phasmatidae. An kladograma hini sumala ha Catalogue of Life:

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    Anchiale [1] är ett släkte av insekter. Anchiale ingår i familjen Phasmatidae. [1]Kladogram enligt Catalogue of Life [1]:

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    Espesye sa insekto nga una nga gihulagway ni Olivier ni adtong 1792 ang Anchiale maculata. Ang Anchiale maculata sakop sa kahenera nga Anchiale sa kabanay nga Phasmatidae . [33] [34] Pagka karon wala pay siak nga nalista ubos niini niya.

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    Located in Gilroy, Anchiale Systems is a general contractor. They provide garage construction, foundation repair, residential construction and other services.

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    Atlas, Epimetheus, Menoetius, Anchiale Prometheus depicted in a sculpture by Nicolas-Sébastien Adam , 1762 ( Louvre ) The punishment of Prometheus as a consequence of the theft of fire and giving it to humans is a popular subject of both ancient and modern culture.

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    How to say Anchiale in English? Pronunciation of Anchiale with 2 audio pronunciations and more for Anchiale.

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