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  1. Edessa - Vikipedi › wiki › Edessa

    Edessa, modern Şanlıurfa şehrinin yerinde kurulu olan antik kent.Kaledeki sütunlar kral eşi için yaptırdığına bir dair bir rivayet vardır, anıt Şanlıurfa müzesinde heykeli mevcut.

  2. Apollo (god) - Wikipedy › wiki › Apollo_(god)

    In oare teory siket de oarsprong fan 'e namme Apollo bûten it Grykske taalgebiet, nammenste mear mei't de namme fan syn mem Leto in dúdlik Lydyske orizjine hat. In oare oanwizing op dit mêd kin wêze dat Homêros Apollo yn syn Ilias (ien fan 'e âldste oerlevere wurken fan 'e Westerske literatuer) ôfskilderet as in skriklike god, dy't mei de Trojanen tsjin 'e Griken fjochtet en dy't troch ...

  3. Troy - Wikipedia › en › wiki

    Troy (Ancient Greek: Τροία, Troía, Ἴλιον, Ílion or Ἴλιος, Ílios; Latin: Troia and Ilium; Hittite: 𒌷𒃾𒇻𒊭 Wilusa or 𒋫𒊒𒄿𒊭 Truwisa; Turkish: Truva or Troya) was a city in the northwest of Asia Minor (modern Turkey), southwest of the Canakkale Strait, south of the mouth of the Dardanelles and northwest of Mount Ida.

  4. Aegospotami - › 2630 › 1

    Aegospotami or Aegospotamos is the ancient Greek name for a small river issuing into the Hellespont, northeast of Sestos. At its mouth was the scene of the decisive battle in 405 BC in which Lysander destroyed the Athenian fleet, ending the Peloponnesian War. The ancient Greek township of the same name, whose existence is attested by coins of the 5th and 4th centuries, and the river itself ...

  5. Blachernae - › 568667 › 1

    Blachernae was a suburb in the northwestern section of Constantinople, the capital city of the Byzantine Empire. It is the site of a water source and a number of prominent churches were built there, most notably the great Church of St. Mary of Blachernae, built by Empress Pulcheria in c. 450, expanded by Emperor Leo I and renovated by Emperor Justinian I in the 6th century.

  6. Kalavrye - populated places of the byzantine empire .. In › 48542353 › 1

    The Battle of Kalavrye also Kalavryai or Kalavryta was fought in 1078 between the Byzantine imperial forces of general and future emperor Alexios Komnenos unit

  7. Castamon - populated places of the byzantine empire .. In › 837832 › 1

    Kastamonu is the capital district of the Kastamonu province, Turkey. According to the 2000 census, population of the district is 102.059 64.606 of whom live in

  8. Juliopolis or Ioulioupolis, occasionally also Heliopolis, was an ancient and medieval city and episcopal see in Anatolia. In later Byzantine times, it also bore the name Basilaion. Various authors assign it to the regions of Galatia, Bithynia, and Paphlagonia.

  9. Othreis - nymphs .. Info | About | What's This? › 22184390 › 1

    and Zeus fr. 7 Dorus and Aeolus are sons of Hellen by the nymph Othreis fr. 9 , as is Xuthus, who, marrying Creusa, daughter of Erechtheus how to hold her fathe

  10. Y-DNA haplogroups of ancient civilizations [Archive ... › forum › archive

    Here is a summary of the current genetic knowledge regarding ancient ethnic groups. This is based on Y-chromosomal haplogroups only. The ancient Egyptians Based on the modern population of Egypt, and removing the foreign elements, it is reasonable to assume that the Neolithic to Bronze Age Egyptians belonged primarily to haplogroups E1b1b, with minorities of G, R1b-V88 and T.

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