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  2. Khmer is written using the Khmer script, which is ultimately derived from the Brahmi system of ancient India. Khmer is an abugida, and unlike alphabets such as Greek or Latin, is not written with complete vowels.

  3. The prang is the tall finger-like spire, usually richly carved, common to much Khmer religious architecture.. Enclosure. Khmer temples were typically enclosed by a concentric series of walls, with the central sanctuary in the middle; this arrangement represented the mountain ranges surrounding Mount Meru, the mythical home of the gods.

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    Most Cham speak the language though many also speak the dominant language of the nation they reside in like Vietnamese, Khmer, Malay and others. Some Cham can also speak and write Arabic. Cham is written in Eastern Cham script in Central Vietnam while the language is predominantly written in Jawi Arabic script around the Mekong Delta.

  5. Nov 20, 2015 · I just want to post this comment to enlighten the experts on the Laguna copperplate scripts.It's not come from the Java or ancient Indonesia island.It's an old Khmer script that scribed by an amateur on the copperplate for the ancient people that took the journey from Danang area,Khmer-Champabury, to the Philippines.I can identify all the ...

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