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  1. The Latin script originated in archaic antiquity in the Latium region in central Italy.It is generally held that the Latins, one of many ancient Italic tribes, adopted the western variant of the Greek alphabet in the 7th century BCE from Cumae, a Greek colony in southern Italy – making the early Latin alphabet one among several Old Italic scripts emerging at the time.

  2. Kannada is one of the six languages designated in India as Classical Languages, earning this classification along with Telugu in 2008. The writing system of Kannada is the Kannada script. It is one of many scripts derived from the ancient Brahmi system, and is particularly similar to Telugu. Kannada is an abugida, and unlike alphabets such as ...

  3. Myanmar TextRegularMyanmar Text RegularMyanmar TextVersion 1. 10MyanmarTextMicrosoft CorporationJohn Hudson. [Latin subset: Segoe UI, Steve Matteson. ]http://www.

  4. Back Basic Fixed width Sans serif Serif Various Bitmap Pixelated Dingbats Alien Ancient Animals Art Asian Barcode ... Bar-Code 39 Font. Custom text. ... Bar-Code 39 ...

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