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  1. Ancient Rome - Facts, Location, & Timeline - HISTORY

    The Roman Forum, known as Forum Romanum in Latin, was a site located at the center of the ancient city of Rome and the location of important religious, political and social activities.

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    Mediterranean climate prevails in Rome characterized by dry and hot summers, and humid, cold winters. During the warmest months of July and August, the average temperature during the day is 30 °C while at night, it is 18 °C. In the coldest winter month of January, the average day temperature is 12 °C, and that at night is 3 °C. Heavy snowfall is extremely rare, but light snowfall occurs almost every winter. However, snow accumulation on the ground is not known to happen frequently. The pleasa...

    The Tiber River is a historic river in Europe, famous for the city of Rome that is located on its banks. The Tiber River is the second longest river in the country after the River Po. The river traces its origin to the slope of Monte Fumaiolo from where it flows for 405 km in a generally southern direction and drains into the Tyrrhenian Sea near Ostia Antica. According to some ancient writers, the Tiber River was originally known as Albula but renamed Tiberis after a king of Alba Longa, King...

    Historians hold the view that Rome was founded on a group of seven hills located in the present-day Lazio region of Italy. These hills, named Aventine, Caelian, Capitoline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal, and Viminal are located on the Tiber River's eastern bank, in the heart of the city of Rome. It is said that small village-like settlements grew up on the summits of these seven hills but in the beginning, these settlements were not organized or unified into a single entity. The city was poss...

    The geography of a place often plays a big role in influencing the growth of settlements in the place. This fact is no different for Rome where the geography of Rome affected its expansion in a major way. The elevated location of the city on the top of the seven hills provided a sense of protection to the residents and also protected the people against flooding. All great cities of the world have developed on the banks of major rivers, and so did Rome. The waters of the Tiber River satisfied...

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  3. Roman geography/region/location - Ancient Roman Civilization

    Rome is around the center of the italian peninsula. Italy had many hills and mountains but were easier to travel over than the mountains on Greece. Due to this Rome and the rest of Italy turned inland for trade and communicated more often giving them a united government opposed to Greece's city-states.

  4. Location - Ancient Rome

    Ancient Rome: Home Movement Region Location Human-Environment Interaction Place History Song Rome. Rome is a beautiful city, full of physical and human features ...

  5. Location - Ancient Rome

    Located on the Italian Peninsula along the Mediterranean Sea Centered on the City of Rome Stretched from Hadrian's Wall, Britain to Central Egypt

  6. Ancient Rome Five Themes of Geography. Early Ancient Rome - The Founding and Kingdom. Ancient Rome - The Roman Republic. Ancient Rome - The Roman Empire. Daily Life in Ancient Rome. Ancient Roman Entertainment. Ancient Roman Religion, Festivals, Holidays. Ancient Rome - Rights of Slaves, Children, and Women. Ancient Roman Art, Architecture ...

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  8. Vatican Hill - Wikipedia

    Vatican Hill (/ ˈ v æ t ɪ k ən /; Latin: Mons Vaticanus, Italian: Colle Vaticano) is a hill located across the Tiber river from the traditional seven hills of Rome, that also gave the name of Vatican City. It is the location of St. Peter's Basilica

  9. Roman Forum, most important forum in ancient Rome, situated on low ground between the Palatine and Capitoline hills. The Roman Forum was the scene of public meetings, law courts, and gladiatorial combats in republican times and was lined with shops and open-air markets.

  10. Aventine Hill - Wikipedia

    The Aventine Hill is the southernmost of Rome's seven hills. It has two distinct heights, one greater to the northwest and one lesser to the southeast, divided by a steep cleft that provides the base for an ancient roadway between the heights.

  11. Ancient Rome - 6th Grade Social Studies

    Italy's location on the Mediterranean made it relatively easy for Roman ships to reach the other lands around the sea. This position made it easier for Rome to eventually conquer and gain new territories. It also helped the development of trade routes. The two main mountain ranges of Italy helped protect Rome.