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    The Andes ( / ˈændiːz / AN-deez ), Andes Mountains or Andean Mountain Range ( Spanish: Cordillera de los Andes; Quechua: Anti) are the longest continental mountain range in the world, forming a continuous highland along the western edge of South America.

  2. Mar 7, 2019 · The Andean States is a group of countries in South America that are linked by the Andes Mountain range. The term is often used to refer to the seven South American countries that the Andes run through, regions that share culture, or to designate countries that are members of the Andean Community.

  3. Dec 6, 2023 · From textiles to ceramics, metalwork, and architecture, Andean cultures produced art and architecture that responded to their natural environment and reflected their beliefs and social structures. We can learn much about these ancient traditions through the artifacts and sites that survive, as well as the many ways that these practices—such ...

  4. Andean civilization, Complex of aboriginal cultures that evolved in the Andean region (see Andes Mountains) of western South America before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores in the 16th century.

  5. Aug 1, 2018 · 446. 56K views 5 years ago. The vibrant, energetic music of the Andes region of South America is performed in its most authentic form by Andes Manta, musicians and natives of the Ecuadorian...

  6. Sixty years after the marriage of Andean woodwinds and European strings, Andean music has attained a small place in the world stage. From relative obscurity, the folk music of the Andes has reached a global audience.

  7. Andean Nation is devoted to the promotion of Andean folk music. Our website contains useful information for people interested in learning more about the history and background of this unique musical genre.

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