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    What does Andrew eddritch mean?

    Who was born in Ely and where was Eldritch born?

    Why did Jason Eldritch write Alice in Wonderland?

    Is the Eldritch sisters still a touring band?

  2. INTERVIEW : Andrew Eldritch in depth on Trump, brexit, the ... › interview-andrew-eldritch

    INTERVIEW : Andrew Eldritch in depth on Trump, brexit, the ‘new album’ and himself… My Heartland – excellent forum on The Sisters Of mercy here The Sisters Of Mercy tour Europe in September with the Membranes These are mean and desperate times.

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  3. Cats, goths and the Sisters Of Mercy - an interview with ... › features › sisters-of-mercy-i

    Nov 13, 2016 · Cats, Goths & The Sisters Of Mercy: An Audience With Andrew Eldritch By Paul Elliott ( Classic Rock ) 13 November 2016 Things you learn from an interview with Sisters Of Mercy singer Andrew Eldritch: he loves Swedish pop, dodgy Japanese movies and cricket on the radio.

  4. Andrew Eldritch Interview - YouTube › watch

    Andrew Eldritch Interview London 1984 (German TV, November 1984) The video recording is such bad quality that this came out a bit Max Headroom!

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    • OrsonTheMagnificent
  5. The Quietus | Features | Life Before Alice: Andrew Eldritch ... › articles › 21215-sisters-of-mercy

    ‘Alice’ – the song that more than any other changed Andrew Eldritch’s life - was written in ten minutes while sitting on a sofa. Eldritch recalls that he “didn’t sit down to write an attitude-adjusting single with more ambition [than previous songs] but the success of ‘Alice’ made me have a re-think.

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  7. “I’m a Bit of an Awkward Bastard”: an interview with Gang Of ... › features › im-a-bit-of-an

    Mar 20, 2019 · What do you think of this Andrew Eldritch quote about Gang of Four? “I think their heart was never really in it and they thought rock’n’roll was a bit too silly. They were too post-modern and cynical. They couldn’t fully commit to the glorious stupidity which is being in a rock’n’roll band.” I think that's very well put.

  8. Transfered and shared at by "VonOben" - many thanks!!You can find the second part of this interview here:

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  9. You ever wondered where all the Andrew Eldritch Goth jokes ... › you-ever-wondered-where-all-the

    Jul 22, 2015 · This classic interview by German Alternative Music tv series Offbeat, which was conducted in 1989 prior to the release of Vision Thing, is likely the source for a lot of Andrew Eldritch jokes and pretty much shaped his public persona which remains to this day.

  10. The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | Off To Never ... › 07281-sisters-of-mercy-interview

    Ben Graham speaks to Andrew Eldritch, who says "Yes to everything that makes us hard." We were somewhere around Bradford on the edge of the moors when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying something like, “Maybe you should play guitar, we'll get a machine to do the drums, and I'll just concentrate on singing…”

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