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  1. Apr 20, 2016 · Jackson's place of honor became a big topic once again this week after a nonprofit group called Women on 20's suggested that it was time to retire the Jackson $20 and replace it with a bill ...

  2. Nov 03, 2015 · After the War of 1812, Andrew Jackson was appointed as a U.S. general and a U.S. Indian commissioner, and eventually as the military governor of Florida. From 1815 to 1820, Jackson negotiated a series of treaties with the Creek, Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Choctaw which acquired a fifth of Georgia, half of Mississippi, and most of Alabama for the ...

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    Jackson viewed the issue as a political liability—recharter would easily pass both Houses with simple majorities—and as such, would confront him with the dilemma of approving or disapproving the legislation ahead of his reelection. A delay would obviate these risks. Jackson remained unconvinced of the Bank's constitutionality.

  4. Worcester v. Georgia, 31 U.S. (6 Pet.) 515 (1832), was a landmark case in which the United States Supreme Court vacated the conviction of Samuel Worcester and held that the Georgia criminal statute that prohibited non-Native Americans from being present on Native American lands without a license from the state was unconstitutional.

  5. Apr 04, 2012 · Jacksonian Democracy refers to the ascendancy of President Andrew Jackson (in office 1829 –1837)and the Democratic party after the election of 1828. More loosely, it alludes to the entire range ...

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    We collaborate extensively with the Pacific Fishery Management Council, Native American Indian tribes, and the four states within the region in our management of highly migratory species (e.g., tunas, sharks), coastal pelagic species (e.g., sardine and anchovy), groundfish, and salmon, as well as the habitats upon which they rely.

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