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  1. Angel Haze Lyrics › a › angelhaze

    Angel Haze lyrics - 81 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Deep Sea Diver", "How To Love", "Wicked Moon".

  2. The Weight - Angel Haze Lyrics | › lyrics › angelhaze

    The Weight "Angel Haze": I'm like hold up bitch you gotta back up off me Give me 50 feet, get the trap up off me All y'all ni...

  3. Angel Haze - Battle Cry Lyrics | › lyrics › angelhaze

    [Angel Haze:] It seems like yesterday that I was nothin' Then all of a sudden I'm a volcanic eruption Then all of a sudden it's like spontaneous combustion And I'm all up in your face yellin', "Bitch, you can tell me nothin'!" 'Cause I came from the bottom, now everybody's watchin' I said it was my time, now I'm who everybody's clockin'

  4. Angel Haze - A Tribe Called Red Lyrics | › lyrics › angelhaze

    Angel Haze Lyrics. "A Tribe Called Red". [Verse 1] Back in the booth let the tragedy in. Switched up the team, let the magic begin. Told all you haters, I'm in it to win. Way back when them losers wasn't letting me in. All of these bitches is mad at me, so?

  5. Angel Haze – Weight Lyrics | Genius Lyrics › Angel-haze-weight-lyrics

    Jan 22, 2021 · Weight Lyrics: I'm like hold up bitch, you gotta back up off me / Give me 50 feet, get the trap up off me / All y'all niggas give me heebie-jeebies (Uh!) / Got me rollin 'round the city with the

  6. Angel Haze - Moonrise Kingdom Lyrics | › lyrics › angelhaze

    Angel Haze Lyrics "Moonrise Kingdom" I was born all alone, you the same babe I was born all alone all alone Naked, we were as we came, babe..

  7. Angel Haze – CANDLXS Lyrics | Genius Lyrics › Angel-haze-candlxs-lyrics

    Feb 02, 2015 · Angel Haze After the release of Dirty Gold (2013), Angel said that she was done with rapping. There were even rumors of Angel turning down the guest verse of “Bang Bang”.

  8. Angel Haze – Exposed Lyrics | Genius Lyrics › Angel-haze-exposed-lyrics

    Exposed Lyrics: Since '91 I been a menace, for real / Born rotten and exposed / A rose in a garden full of hoes / A flowerbed of souls / Where the flowers never learn / They can go, they can grow

  9. Angel Haze – Cleaning Out My Closet Lyrics | Genius Lyrics › Angel-haze-cleaning-out-my-closet-lyrics

    Oct 25, 2012 · Cleaning Out My Closet is the last track on Angel Haze’s mixtape, Classick. The beat is from Eminem’s track, Cleanin' Out My Closet.

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