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    Not including the metropolitan area, Angers is the third most populous commune in northwestern France after Nantes and Rennes and the 18th in France. [5] Angers proper covers 42.70 square kilometers (16.5 sq mi) [6] and has a population of 152,960 inhabitants, while around 422,700 live in its metropolitan area ( aire urbaine ).

  2. Angers is a city in the west of France. Around 160,000 inhabitants live inside the city and 300,000 live in the metropolitan area. It is the capital of the historical province called Anjou. Today, the name of Anjou is Maine-et-Loire. The inhabitants of Angers and of Anjou are called 'angevins'. The city existed before the Roman Empire.

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  4. 8th century – Angers becomes part of Anjou province. 851 – Frankish-Breton treaty signed in Angers. 870 – Duke of Anjou centered in Angers. 1025 – Angers Cathedral built. 1028 – Abbaye du Ronceray d'Angers founded. 1059 – Abbaye Saint-Serge d'Angers rebuilt. 12th century – Trinity Church, Angers construction begins.

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    Angers Sporting Club de l'Ouest, commonly referred to as Angers SCO or simply Angers, is a French professional football club based in Angers in Pays de la Loire in western France. The club was founded in 1919 and plays in Ligue 1, the first division of Football in France, having achieved promotion to the league in 2015 after 21 years. It plays its home matches at the Stade Raymond Kopa. The club has played 23 seasons in the Ligue 1.

    The team was founded in 1919, the same year the FFF was founded. During the team's history, it has bounced between the top two tiers on multiple occasions. However, it did spend time in the third tier on several occasions; the 2006–07 season was its last season in the third tier. The first season that Angers debuted in the French second division was in 1945. During this season, Angers SCO was placed in the North group; at that time, the second division was split into two groups, the North ...

    Below are the notable former players who have represented Angers in league and international competition since the club's foundation in 1919. To appear in the section below, a player must have either played in at least 80 official matches for the club or represented his country's

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    Angers (French pronunciation: ) is the main ceety in the Maine-et-Loire depairtment in wastren Fraunce aboot 300 km (190 mi) sooth-wast o Paris. Angers is locatit in the French region kent bi its pre-revolutionary, provincial name, Anjou, an its inhabitants are cried Angevins.

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    The Château d'Angers is a castle in the city of Angers in the Loire Valley, in the département of Maine-et-Loire, in France. Founded in the 9th century by the Counts of Anjou, it was expanded to its current size in the 13th century. It is located overhanging the river Maine. It is a listed historical monument since 1875. Now open to the public, the Château d'Angers is home of the Apocalypse Tapestry.

    Originally, the Château d'Angers was built as a fortress at a site inhabited by the Romans because of its strategic defensive location. In the 9th century, the Bishop of Angers gave the Counts of Anjou permission to build a castle in Angers. The construction of the first castle begun under Count Fulk III, celebrated for his construction of dozens of castles, who built it to protect Anjou from the Normans. It became part of the Angevin Empire of the Plantagenet Kings of England during the ...

    The outer wall is 3 metres thick, extends for about 660 m and is protected by seventeen massive towers. Each of the perimeter towers measures 18 m in diameter. The château covers an area of 20,000 square metres. Two pairs of towers form the city and landward entrances of the château. Each of the towers was once 40 metres in height, but they were later cut down for the use of artillery pieces. The Tour du Moulin is the only tower which conserves the original elevation.

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