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    Historian Ignas Jonynas argued that Anna, Grand Duchess of Lithuania and wife of Vytautas the Great was a sister of Sudimantas, a nobleman from Eišiškės and commander of Vytautas' army. An important route, connecting Vilnius , Hrodna , and Warsaw , ran through the town.

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    The Gediminids (Lithuanian: Gediminaičiai, Polish: Giedyminowicze, Belarusian: Гедзімінавічы) were a dynasty of monarchs of Grand Duchy of Lithuania that reigned from the 14th to the 16th century. One branch of this dynasty, known as the Jagiellons, reigned also in Kingdom of Poland, Kingdom of Hungary and Kingdom of Bohemia. Several other branches ranked among the leading ...

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    Anna Jagiellon là Nữ hoàng Ba Lan và là Nữ Đại công tước Lithuania từ năm 1575 đến năm 1586. Bà là con gái của vua Sigismund I the Old với hoàng hậu người Italia Bona Sforza. Vì nhiều lý do khác nhau, Anna vẫn chưa lập gia đình đến năm 52 tuổi. Sau cái chết của anh trai là Sigismund II Augustus - thành viên cuối cùng của Triều ...

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    Engelbert I & IV, Duke jure uxoris of Saxe-Wittenberg and Count of the Mark (1376-1446) (Count 1391-1444, Duke jure uxoris 1394-1435, Elector of Saxony 1394-1444) x Anna, Duchess of Saxe-Wittenberg (1377-1435), x Maria of Gorizia (1404-1462) (also appears in main line)

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    May 15, 2009 · the grand duchy of lithuania as a sanctuary W e shall now talk about the fact that in the middle of the 19th century the town of Klaipėda was called London Minor. Merchants from Britain lived in the Baltic region since the 15th century.

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    Rietavas, 33 km further west, is centered around a large neo-Romanesque church built in 1873.This was the golden age of the Oginskis family. Technology-loving dukes of Rietavas also constructed Lithuania’s first telephone line (1882) and power station (1892), established a famous music school in what were the last years when manors rather than cities were the source of progress and culture ...

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    Gedimidas of Lithuania was born circa 1275 to Budvydas (?-c1296) and died 1341 of unspecified causes. He married Wida of Courland. He married Jewna of Polotsk (c1280-c1344). Ancestors are from Lithuania. Gediminas (ca. 1275 – 1341) was Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1315 or 1316 until his death. He is credited with founding this political entity and expanding its territory which, at the time ...

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    Barbara was the mother of Electress Hedwig of Brandenburg (1513-1573) and another daughter, Anna (1515-1520). After Barbara's death, Sigismund ordered the construction of the Sigismund's Chapel at Wawel Castle, where she was buried. Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania as the first wife of the king of Poland Sigismund I. the Old. She ...

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    The garden has three levels; the upper level has Lithuanian flag and the fountain of duchess Birutė (legendarily a pagan priestess; built 1936) surrounded by busts of 19th century Lithuanian National Revival poets who called for Lithuania to be independent once again and romantically sought inspiration in the last era Lithuanian was truly free (the Grand Duchy era).

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    1646.Marie Louise Justus van Egmont. Among the Queen's jewels was a Polish Eagle set with small diamonds.After the Queen's death her jewels were inherited by her sister Anne de Gonzague de Clèves.Marie Louise Gonzaga (Ludwika Maria;18 Aug.1611-10 May 1667)was Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania by marriage to two Polish kings and Grand Dukes of Lithuania,Władysław IV ...

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