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      • Synonyms for DARKNESS: black, blackness, candlelight, dark, dusk, gloaming, gloom, murk; Antonyms for DARKNESS: blaze, brightness, brilliance, day, daylight, glare, glow, light
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  3. dark blackness gloom murk shade dusk dimness murkiness night shadiness shadows twilight gloaming shadow black dullness gloominess obscurity pall shadowiness tenebrosity caliginosity duskiness lightlessness blackout cloud cloudiness crepuscule eclipse umbra brownout Cimmerian shade pitch darkness absence of light total darkness more

  4. synonyms for darkness Compare Synonyms blackness dark dusk gloom obscurity twilight black blackout brownout cloudiness crepuscule dimness duskiness eclipse lightlessness murk murkiness nightfall pitch-darkness shade shadiness shadows Cimmerian shade calignosity smokiness tenebrosity antonyms for darkness MOST RELEVANT brightness light lightness

  5. 2. darkness noun. ['ˈdɑːrknəs'] an unilluminated area. Synonyms scene dark 3. darkness noun. ['ˈdɑːrknəs'] absence of moral or spiritual values. Synonyms foulness condition status wickedness dark 4. darkness noun. ['ˈdɑːrknəs'] an unenlightened state. Synonyms unenlightenment 5. darkness noun. ['ˈdɑːrknəs'] having a dark or somber color.

  6. View this answer Synonyms for the word darkness include: shadiness, nightfall, dusk, dark, gloom, blackness, duskiness, dimness, murkiness, and night. The word darkne... See full answer below....

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