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  1. Anthony Johnson (b. c. 1600 – d. 1670) was a black Angolan known for achieving wealth in the early 17th-century Colony of Virginia.He was one of the first African American property owners and had his right to legally own a slave recognized by the Virginia courts.

  2. White Supremacist groups have claimed that Anthony Johnson, a black forced laborer who became free in 17th century Virginia, was the first legal slave owner in the British colonies that became the United States. That claim is historically false and misleading.

  3. Jun 05, 2018 · Anthony Johnson - the first slave owner in the U.S. by civil suit . ... But Anthony fought to retain ownership of Castor in a lengthy court battle and he won. John Punch, an African, was declared ...

  4. Jul 22, 2019 · Sweet potato planting, Hopkinson’s Plantation, South Carolina, circa 1862-3.(Photo: Library of Congress) In various corners of the internet, memes circulate about a Black man identified as “Anthony Johnson,” believed to be a pioneer of American slavery and the first slave owner in North America.

  5. Jul 14, 2021 · Anthony Johnson's life story, which started in Africa and ended as a slave owner in Maryland, is often misrepresented because of a misunderstanding about the evolution of the status of Africans brought to the American colonies starting in 1619.

  6. That year Johnson sued Parker in Northampton Court, and in 1655 the court ruled that Johnson could hold Cason indefinitely. The court gave sanction for blacks to hold slaves of their own race. This made Anthony Johnson the first American slave owner and John Cason the first slave in the American colonies.

  7. Aug 18, 2017 · Ironically, he became the first black slave owner, and it was his court case that solidified slavery in America. In 1635, Johnson was freed and given a 250-acre plantation where he was master over both black and white servants. In 1654, Johnson sued his neighbor in a case that would change America’s history forever.

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