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  1. To a certain extent, the Anti-Federalists got their chance at government first… through the Articles of Confederation. Anti-Federalism, from 1776 - 1787, didn’t work.

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  3. Political Ideology My political ideology is based on my reading of the early Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers. When I read these papers I realized that the way our country works today was really shaped by events back then during the days of the founding of the country's constitution.

    • Introduction
    • Summary of The Age of Federalism by Stanley Elkins and Eric Mckitrick
    • My Take on The Age of Federalism
    • Conclusion

    I love reading books about the early American Republic. The challenges our first leaders, especially George Washington, faced were tremendous. They had won the American Revolution, yes, but they had to deal with immense challenges in both the domestic sphere and on the international stage. Great Britain was difficult to deal with, as we had just fought a war against it. The French had a horribly destructive revolutionand successive wars related to it that they alternated between trying to draw us into and attacking our shipping. And, domestically, there were uprisings, the beginnings of partisanship, wars with the Indians, and many economic issues, all of which had to be quickly solved. Yet, somehow, we survived. The Age of Federalism by Stanley Elkins and Eric McKitrick shows how. That’s not what The Age of Federalism is ostensibly about. According to Elkins and McKitrick, it is meant “to account, to whatever extent possible, for Federalism’s ascendancy, decline, and eclipse, and t...

    The Age of Federalismcovers a vast array of subjects, as you might expect of a book that clocks in at around ~750 pages. It covers: 1. “The modes of thought and feeling in the Founding Generation” 2. from what sources the early Republic drew its legitimacy 3. Alexander Hamilton’s financial system and the ideology of national debt that was behind it 4. The political ideology of James Madison and how he transitioned from being a Federalist to one of the most prominent Democratic-Republicans 5. Why D.C. became the capital city and the first designs for it 6. Thomas Jefferson’s vision of what the American Republic should be 7. The first examples of partisan politics in America 8. The conflicting views of the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans on the French Revolution 9. How we handled diplomacy with Great Britain, populism in America 10. How Washington’s retirement affected American politics 11. The political philosophy of John Adams and his ideology of “balance” 12. The bitter hatr...

    Overall, I found The Age of Federalism to be a terrific book and is one that I wholeheartedly recommend that you read. No book is perfect and The Age of Federalismis no exception. It is not organized particularly well in the first few chapters, as it does jump around a bit and combine discussions of subjects that have little to do with one another. But, other than that small issue for the first hundred or so pages, it is excellent. One reason I liked The Age of Federalism so much is that it provides such a holistic view of the early American Republic and what life was like in America after the Revolution. From the cultural issues discussed in After the Revolution by Joseph J. Ellis to the ascent of John Marshall as the last Federalist that is described in Without Precedent, The Age of Federalismcovers many topics about early American life that I found interesting. Additionally, it relates to many other books that I have read. It covers the arguments in The Anti-Federalist Papers and...

    I think that there is something in The Age of Federalism for everyone. There are immensely helpful and informational sections on political theory that should appeal to people interested in political theory. Economic issues, especially those that relate to the idea of free trade discussed in The Wealth of Nations and the problem of the national debt, are frequently discussed. and for history and military history aficionados, many of the chapters relate to our naval struggles with France and England. In short, The Age of Federalismis a book that I think you need to read. It will be both interesting and informative. It will make you proud to be an American as you see all that we have overcome and it will revive your perhaps flagging spirit as we see news every day about intense partisanship and violent political debates. And, finally and most importantly, it will serve as an antidote to the anti-American drivel currently being taught about the Founding Fathers. They were not evil men....

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  5. Good examples of Anti-Rat arguments are the Federal Farmer essays, the essays of Agrippa, the essays by Cato, or the Brutus essays, which emerged in dialogue with the Publius essays (aka THE FEDERALIST essays) and the writings of other Rats as well.

  6. Sep 18, 2017 · Although in current times the existing anti-federalist ideology has had its victories, overall the nationalist party (federalists) have had the most wins. Though the states have a certain amount of power, ultimately laws can be overridden by the central government.

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