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  1. Antioch, also called Antioch Pisidian, Greek Antiocheia Pisidias, ancient city in Phrygia, near the Pisidian border, close to modern Yalvaç, in west-central Turkey. Founded by Seleucus I Nicator ( c. 358–281 bc ), it was made a free city in 189 bc by the Romans, who took direct control about 25 bc ; soon thereafter the emperor Augustus made it a colony with the name Caesarea Antiochia.

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    A family of Syrian kings who ruled much of Asia under the name Antiochus built both cities. The most infamous of these kings was Antiochus IV, whom Polybius called a “madman” because of his unstable personality. During his reign (175-164 B.C.E.) Jews revolted against his harsh treatment.

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  4. St. Ignatius of Antioch, also called Ignatius Theophoros (Greek: “God Bearer”), (died c. 110, Rome; Western feast day October 17; Eastern feast day December 20), bishop of Antioch, Syria (now in Turkey), known mainly from seven highly regarded letters that he wrote during a trip to Rome, as a prisoner condemned to be executed for his beliefs.

  5. Jan 25, 2023 · Natural Supplements, a cannabis cultivation, manufacture, retail and distribution business, has been approved by Antioch’s City Council. The council OK’d the operating agreement Tuesday on a 3 ...

  6. Antioch (modern Antakya) lay in a strategic location on the crusaders' route to Palestine through the Syrian Coastal mountain range. Supplies, reinforcements and retreat could all be controlled by the city. Anticipating that it would be attacked, the Seljuk governor of the city, Yağısıyan, began stockpiling food and sending requests for help.

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