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  1. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek was born in Delft, Dutch Republic, on 24 October 1632. On 4 November, he was baptized as Thonis. His father, Philips Antonisz van Leeuwenhoek, was a basket maker who died when Antonie was only five years old. His mother, Margaretha (Bel van den Berch), came from a well-to-do brewer's family.

  2. Andreas Vesalius (Latinized from Andries van Wezel) (/ v ɪ ˈ s eɪ l i ə s /; 31 December 1514 – 15 October 1564) was a 16th-century anatomist, physician, and author of one of the most influential books on human anatomy, De Humani Corporis Fabrica Libri Septem (On the fabric of the human body in seven books).

  3. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (1632–1723): Dutch Reformed Calvinist who is remembered as the "father of microbiology". Stephen Hales (1677–1761): Copley Medal winning scientist significant to the study of plant physiology. As an inventor designed a type of ventilation system, a means to distill sea-water, ways to preserve meat, etc.

  4. Gregor Johann Mendel, OSA (/ ˈ m ɛ n d əl /; Czech: Řehoř Jan Mendel; 20 July 1822 – 6 January 1884) was a biologist, meteorologist, mathematician, Augustinian friar and abbot of St. Thomas' Abbey in Brünn (Brno), Margraviate of Moravia.

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    O contribuție extrem de însemnată, care practic a marcat începutul dezvoltării rapide a biologiei moderne, a fost dezvoltarea microscopiei realizată de către Anton van Leeuwenhoek. Doar ulterior dezvoltării microscopiei savanților li s-a oferit șansa de a descoperi diversitatea lumii microscopice, ceea ce s-a concretizat prin primele ...

  6. Emmanuelle Marie Charpentier (French: [ɛmanɥɛl ʃaʁpɑ̃tje]; born 11 December 1968) is a French professor and researcher in microbiology, genetics, and biochemistry.

  7. The scientific study of microorganisms began with their observation under the microscope in the 1670s by Anton van Leeuwenhoek. In the 1850s, Louis Pasteur found that microorganisms caused food spoilage, debunking the theory of spontaneous generation.

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