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  1. List of politicians killed in the Mexican drug war - Wikipedia

    This is a list of politicians murdered in the Mexican drug war.Since the start of the military-led offensive by the Mexican government in 2006, the drug trafficking organizations have slaughtered their rivals, killed policemen and now increasingly targeted politicians – especially local leaders.

  2. Humberto Delgado - Wikipedia

    Delgado was born in Brogueira, Torres Novas. He was the son of Joaquim Delgado and Maria do Ó Pereira and had three younger sisters, Deolinda, Aida and Lídia. He began his military career by joining the Colégio Militar, in Lisbon, which he attended from 1916 to 1922.

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    • May 15, 1906, Torres Novas, Portugal
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  4. 2020 in Spain - Wikipedia

    Antonio Carro, politician (b. 1923). Enrique Múgica, lawyer and politician (b. 1932). Iris M. Zavala, Puerto Rican author, independence activist and intellectual (b. 1936). 11 April – Antonio Ferres, writer and poet (b. 1924). 12 April Francisco Aritmendi, Olympic long-distance runner (b. 1938).

  5. Adolfo Suárez - Wikipediaárez

    Adolfo Suárez González, 1st Duke of Suárez (Spanish pronunciation: [aˈðolfo ˈswaɾeθ]; 25 September 1932 – 23 March 2014) was a Spanish lawyer and politician.. Suárez was Spain's first democratically elected Prime Minister since the Second Spanish Republic and a key figure in the country's transition to democracy after the dictatorship of Francisco Fr

  6. Leamsy Salazar - Wikipedia

    Leamsy Villafaña José Salazar is an ex-lieutenant colonel in the Venezuelan Navy who was also the head of security details for Hugo Chávez and Diosdado Cabello. Salazar defected to the United States in December 2014 with the assistance of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration providing allegations of Diosdado Cabello heading an organization involved in international drug trade ...

  7. Juan Vázquez de Mella - Wikipediaázquez_de_Mella

    Juan Vázquez de Mella y Fanjul (1861–1928) was a Spanish politician and a political theorist. He is counted among the greatest Traditionalist thinkers, at times considered the finest author of Spanish Traditionalism of all time.

  8. Ted Kaufman Wikipedia - Ted Kaufman Wiki | Election 2020 News

    Ted Kaufman - Wikipedia. Edward Emmett Kaufman (born March 15, 1939) is an American politician and former businessman who served as a United States Senator from Delaware from ...

  9. O Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira venceu em São Bernardo do Campo, considerado berço e reduto petista, com Maurício Soares. Ao todo, conquistou 926 prefeituras e elegeu 5 761 vereadores , comprovando enorme crescimento e estabelecendo-se definitivamente como um dos maiores partidos do Brasil.

  10. Gladiator - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    Gladiator apareció en formato Blu-Ray en septiembre de 2009 como parte de las «Series Zafiro» de Paramount en una edición con dos discos que venía acompañada de extras similares a los vistos en los DVD: comentarios, avances, escenas eliminadas, documentales, guiones gráficos, galerías de imágenes y las audiciones del reparto.

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