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  1. Sep 04, 2011 · -Revealed hidden boxes in tech effects for new features in AoE II DE. Version 2020.6.12:-Fixed bug with language text indexes.-Renamed technology cost and time modifiers for AoE DE. Version 2020.3.30:-Support for new AoE II DE game features. Version 2019.11.28:-Added more unit search filters. Version 2019.11.22:-Fixed default paths for AoE II DE.

  2. Twelve Maps from Struggle of Indonesia Mod. For Asian Dynasties. Each has 1 Town Center, 3 Covered Wagons +5 TC Limit, 1 Bank Wagon, 1 Mango Grove Rickshaw, 3 Settler Wagons. Changes, Resource Trickle, and 20-30k Starting Resources! 04/06/22 by murdilator - 181: 0: 1: 337.98 KB: NR WOL Maps (new!) Thirty-One Maps from Wars of Liberty. For Asian ...

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