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  1. Jan 29, 2019 · Arachnids (Arachnida) are a group of arthropods that include spiders, ticks, mites, scorpions and harvestmen. Scientists estimate that there are more than 100,000 species of arachnids alive today. Arachnids have two main body segments (the cephalothorax and the abdomen) and four pairs of jointed legs. By contrast, insects have three main body segments and three pairs of legs—making them easily distinguishable from arachnids.

  2. The class Arachnida is divided into 12-13 different orders including the major groups: Acari (mites and ticks – often classified into a superorder and divided into two or more orders) In addition, some recent research also places the Xiphosura (horseshoe crabs) into the class Arachnida. The links on the left provide additional information about each of the major groups of arachnids.

  3. The arachnids (class Arachnida) are an arthropod group that includes spiders, daddy longlegs, scorpions, mites, and ticks as well as lesser-known subgroups. There are more than 40,000 species of arachnids in the world. While they may seem scary to some people, arachnids play an important role in the ecosystem.

  4. Jan 20, 2023 · Arachnids are mainly carnivorous, consuming insects as well as other small creatures that have already been digested. Ingestion of solid food molecules and therefore vulnerability to internal parasites is just found in harvestmen and mites like the house dust mite, while spiders are known to consume their own silk.

  5. Nov 2, 2022 · What is an Arachnid? Arachnids are a class of arthropods ( invertebrates with an exoskeleton, pairs of appendages with joints, and segmented bodies) in the subphylum Chelicitera. French naturalist Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de Lamarck introduced and named the class Arachnida in 1801 in his work on classification.

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