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  1. Also consider adding ProjectLibre, it is the FOSS version of Microsoft Project and is extremely valuable for managing work at multiple sites/projects. Sharing this with my grad mates thanks! I note the lack of geophysics software in the list, so I'd like to suggest mine. It is free, but not (currently) open source I'm afraid.

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    • Popular Archaeology. Popular Archaeology is one of the leading digital archaeology magazines that publish archaeology news and research for the layman.
    • Current World Archaeology. Current World Archaeology is a prestigious archaeology print magazine that publishes archaeological news and articles on its website.
    • Archaeology Magazine. Published by Archaeological Institute of America, Archaeological Magazine is a 70-year-old magazine for archaeology geeks. It has both print and digital editions, as well as a content-rich website.
    • National Geographic- Archaeology. National Geographic has a section for archaeology on its website. They cover news, different ancient sites, and archaeological mysteries in the form of both videos and articles.
  2. ArcGIS Explorer is a free virtual globe that is much more than just a fun and easy way to explore the world in 2D and 3D. You can use it to add your own data to your maps and combine it with free data from ESRI. You can also customize your maps by adding photos, reports, videos, and other information.

  3. Feb 9, 2022 · Where a trained archaeologist can complete an analysis of a single stone tool in 25-35 minutes, PyLithics will capture and analyse data approximately 1000 times more quickly and run 24/7. Thus, in a week PyLithics could capture and process as much data as a full-time specialist could accumulate in a decade.”. Senior author, Professor Rob ...

  4. Ishtar is an ambitious project aiming to enable the management, improvement, analysis and sharing of data from archaeological excavations, from fieldwork to museums. This project takes shape as a free software for archaeological data management published under AGPL 3.0 or any later version license. Ishtar is in constant development.

  5. Photogrammetry – structure from motion (SFM) software. A wide range of shareware or a free SFM software is available. For more information see (p. 45 Table 1): Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Documenting and Interpreting Historical Archaeological Sites: Part II—Return of the Drones Thomas G. Whitley

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  7. ARK1: The ARK v1.1.2 Stable Release. ARK (The Archaeological Recording Kit) is a web-based 'toolkit' for the collection, storage and dissemination of archaeological data. It includes data-editing, data-creation, data-viewing and data-sharing tools, all of which are delivered using a web-based front-end.

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