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      • Biography Creation Remiel was one of the many Angels who were created by the One Above All at the beginning of time. Growing up in the Silver City, Remiel was taught to hunt by her older Archangel sister; Rasiel and became one of the most skilled combatants among her fellow Angels.
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  2. There are some mentions of Archangel Remiel being Seraphim, which are questioned as Seraphs are different heavenly creatures. These creatures are symbolic of the role of protectors that are responsible for the protection of the holy throne. Archangel Remiel has often been labeled as a ‘fallen watcher’ like Amenadiel or Angel Sariel. This is used as a term to describe a fallen angel as a result of the war between God and Lucifer.

  3. Who is Archangel Remiel? Archangel Remiel is also considered a Seraphim. However, this is a bit questionable since seraphs are other creatures in the heavenly realm. Seraphs are symbolic creature tasked with protecting the sacred throne. Archangel Remiel is a fallen watcher, just like angel Sariel and Amenadiel. A “fallen watcher” refers to an angel that was cast out of heaven after the battle between God and Satan.

  4. Remiel is an archangel who has been sent by God to: Watch over the righteous of the earth. Complete and award your respective reward for your fidelity to the merciful God. Wait for those who have acted in accordance with divine designs, so that they may obtain the reward of eternal life, promised by God.

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    In Hebrew, Jeremiel means “God uplifts”. Sometimes he is also called Remiel or Ramiel. In these cases, the name of the Archangel means “the Thunder of God”. According to some legends, Jeremiel escorts the souls of the dead to Heaven and to God. In the Bible, the name of Jeremiel is not mentioned. Scripture mentions Michael as the oldest Archangel. ...

    The Lord sends Jeremiel to Earth so that people can elevate their thoughts and deeds. He brings people closer to a righteous life and then – to Heaven. Jeremiah’s purpose is to instill good and positive thinking and fight against sinful thoughts. And it is Jeremiel who punishes people for sins and also prevents them. The Archangel teaches people to...

    Archangel Jeremiel is depicted as a handsome young man holding balance scale in his hands. Unlike other inhabitants of Heaven, he is dressed in clothes of blue and gold colors, which symbolize the brilliance of faith and the purity of Heaven. The scales in the hands of the Archangel are to measure the weight of righteous deeds and sins. If the side...

  5. Mar 9, 2022 · Remiel is one of the holy angels who watch, and God set him over those who rise (Enoch 20:1, 8). 2 Baruch 55:3 (non-canonical) identifies him as the angel who presides over true visions. As one of the Watchers, Remiel has joint authority to issue decrees, therefore he knows what’s going on in the universe and what is going to happen, thus he can reveal it.

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