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    Is Jesus embryo alien?

    Is there any proof that Jesus is real?

    Are the Angels from the Bible aliens?

    What does the Bible say about alien life?

  2. Jesus Christ Was An ‘Alien’ According To UFO Expert

    Apr 23, 2019 · Downing said Jesus’ embryo was implanted into Mary by aliens. This makes Jesus an alien-human hybrid. Jesus’ miracles are also proof of his extraterrestrial origins, argued Dr. Downing. Jesus had the power to change nature, walk on water and raise the dead, according to the Bible.

  3. ‘Aliens watched the crucifixion of Jesus – this PROVES it ...

    Jul 14, 2017 · ALIENS were present at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and there is evidence that proves it, ufologists have claimed.

  4. Forensic science reveals how Jesus really looked

    Dec 14, 2015 · British scientists using forensic anthropology, similar to how police solve crimes, have stitched together what they say is probably most accurate image of Jesus Christ's real face, and he's not ...

  5. Would proof that aliens exist impact the Christian faith?

    Would proof that aliens exist impact the Christian faith? If we accept the Bible's account of creation, the discovery of alien life would be, for Christians, an extension of God's creation. There is no mention of extraterrestrial life in the Bible, but neither does the Bible rule out the possibility of life on other planets.

  6. Aliens were present at Crucifixion of Jesus - Daily Express

    Jul 14, 2017 · Aliens were present at Crucifixion of Jesus – and here’s the ‘proof’ ALIENS were present at the Crucifixion of Christ, according to ET enthusiasts who have been studying ancient art.

  7. Man Who Survived Alien Abduction Was Asked About Jesus Christ

    I would think just seeing the aliens would be enough to convert anyone. To me that is proof of a God creating by design. If evolution was real there would be no way for evolutionarily accidents to make comparably similar humanoids…I would say that the notion and belief of a real God, Creator would be universal…not just for earth.

  8. Shocking New Findings Reveal That the Vatican Is Waiting For ...

    Jun 24, 2020 · Vatican theologians consider the possibility that Jesus was a 'star child' and the immaculate conception was one of the earliest documented cases of alien abduction/visitation. Thus the Second Coming of Christ is expected to confirm that Jesus was in fact an extraterrestrial, or a human-alien hybrid.

  9. Abductions Stop in Name of Christ - Alien Resistance

    Alien Abduction” Can be Stopped, and Terminated as a Life Pattern, in the Name and Authority of Jesus Christ Part 4 By Joe Jordan and the CE4 Research Group The CE4 Research Group has to date worked with over 400 so called cases of the Alien Abduction Experience.

  10. Is Jesus Real? The EVIDENCE That Finally Proves It - Welcome ...

    Mar 13, 2020 · Of course, there’s plenty of evidence within the Bible that these events occurred, but what we will be going over is evidence outside of the Bible that points to this man, Jesus, who was also God, living and dying on the cross, under Pontius Pilate, in the 1 st century AD, just as the Bible says.

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