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    Is the UFO phenomenon real?

    What are people seeing and calling UFOs?

    What is the history of alien implants?

  2. Communication with extraterrestrial intelligence - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · Communication with extraterrestrial intelligence or CETI, is a branch of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence that focuses on composing and deciphering interstellar messages that theoretically could be understood by another technological civilization.

  3. What Are UFOs and Where Do Aliens Really Come From ...

    5 days ago · The aliens are : the angels called Watchers later called fallen angels who now dwell on the earth and elsewhere THESE ARE THE Aliens or so-called extraterrestrials . They will some day come along with the devil & his demons and wage war with mankind before our Lord’s (Jesus Christ’s) second coming !

  4. Alien implants - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · In ufology, alien implants is a term used to describe physical objects allegedly placed in someone's body after they have been abducted by aliens.Claimed capabilities of the implants range from telepresence to mind control to biotelemetry (the latter akin to humans tagging wild animals for study).

  5. Dinosaur Sightings: Are Dinosaurs Still Alive Today in Africa ...

    5 days ago · They’re talking about real, live dinosaurs, and the proof is in the testimonies of local people who see them in the wild. It’s unclear how this could be possible, given the history of our planet, but the fact remains that local tribes in equatorial Africa know of large, frightening creatures living in the depths of the jungles.

  6. 6 days ago · Unexplained Mysteries - owned by Aliens since 2011 This website uses cookies and some data tracking to improve your experience and serve adverts, We assume you're ok with this, you can opt-out if you wish.

  7. Illegal Alien Is Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison For ...

    3 days ago · According to filed court documents, evidence presented at Pineda-Anchecta’s trial and today’s sentencing hearing, on or about May 15, 2019, CMPD officers arrested Pineda-Anchecta on several state charges, including Assault on a Female and Communicating Threats against his ex-girlfriend, identified in court documents as F.M.

  8. Top 28 Most Authentic Bigfoot Videos & Real Footage | UFOs ...

    3 days ago · Zeta Reticuli Aliens: Robert Lazar 4 of 4 Zeta Reticuli Aliens: Robert Lazar 3 of 4 Does Body Language Prove Bob Lazar Actually Worked On Alien Spacecraft At Area 51?

  9. Press Release of the Game They Are Here – Glitched Reviews

    2 days ago · “They Are Here” – is a first-person horror story about a journalist who witnessed an alien invasion at the Grayswood farm. Explore the area armed with a flashlight. Take photos of evidence of aliens’ presence and get to the bottom of the horrifying truth. Story: Unexplained phenomena occurred at Grayswood Farm.

  10. Fact check: QAnon post misrepresents Tarantino horror film images

    4 days ago · A QAnon follower inaccurately implied photos as evidence of the conspiracy theory. The post doesn't say the images are from a horror trailer set.

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