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  1. In 2040, Americans plan to vote in a U.S. presidential election. Japan promises to stop using nuclear power. Britain’s Prince George will turn the ripe age of 27. And, as the interactive above ...

    • 🔮YES OR NO👽ALIENS PICK A CARD👽 The Unknown Questions Answered🔮Are aliens real? Are they among us?🕵
    • Take The Alien Disclosure Test! Yes or No?
    • Take The Alien Disclosure Test! Yes or No?
    • Are Aliens Real? Yes They Are! Here's The Undeniable PROOF!!!
  2. Aliens are they real? Yes😇 or no 😡 |

    Aliens are real, even if you have seen them or not. I have before believe it or not but i didn't want to die so i just turned around and ran back inside. Just because you have not seen something, does not make it false and unreal, it don't mean their not real.

  3. 13 Reasons to Believe Aliens Are Real
    • The Government Literally Just Admitted It’s Taking UFOs Seriously. And, according to researchers, it’s only pretended to end the program. In 1952, a CIA group called the Psychological Strategy Board concluded that, when it came to UFOs, the American public was dangerously gullible and prone to “hysterical mass behavior.”
    • Harry Reid Says We’re Not Taking Them Seriously Enough. The former Senate majority leader is definitely a truther. Eric Benson: I’m curious about just where your interest in this subject comes from.
    • Scientists Are Suddenly Much More Bullish About the Possibility of Life Out There. The universe is really big, people. Just 30 years ago, we had not discovered a single planet outside our solar system.
    • They’re Especially Bullish About These Planets. Adventures in the “Goldilocks zone.” Scientists now think every one in five or six planets might be habitable, based on two general criteria: They’re rocky, and they reside in a region of the star’s orbit called the “Goldilocks zone,” where it’s not too cold and not too hot, but just right to allow for liquid water to form on the surface.
  4. Do You Believe Aliens Exist? - The New York Times

    Sep 27, 2019 · While Mr. Shostak said the evidence of alien life in the universe is, at this time, “essentially none,” he also contended that in all the space of the universe, it would be surprising if Earth ...

  5. Are aliens real? Yes or no? - Off-Topic Forum -

    Of course they are real. Haven't you watched Ancient Aliens? Aliens were involved in every aspect of human life all around the world since the day before forever according to them. Actually I use to believe in Aliens, but after watching that show, I changed my mind.

    • Yes.
    • Let me rephrase the question: Is there intelligent life elsewhere? I would answer that with a resounding yes. It just stands to reason there would...
    • We would have to ask someone that has met @imaGoodBoyNow to know. 😉
    • Of course they are real. Haven't you watched Ancient Aliens? Aliens were involved in every aspect of human life all around the world since the day...
    • I don't think there is intelligent life here. I'll say no. Distances are too far and all species die off eventually.
    • Man watch the vid and you’ll have your answer
    • The Babylon Bee... Scientists Walk Back 'Life On Venus' Claims After Revelation It Was Just An Unborn Baby September 15th, 2020 U.S.—Astronomers cl...
    • Yes, but since they prefer to live in alien nation, you don’t get to see them.
    • Yes..If you include micro organisms...if you speak of ET...Well lets just hope they are peaceful...think Independence Day...of they can come here.....
    • If they’ve been spotted on Earth is an interesting question. Could one take the form of a human being while here? You’d think of all the extraterre...
  6. Are aliens real? Here are the mysteries we need to solve in ...
    • Is there life on Mars? The Red Planet is a bit like Earth and is thought to have been covered with water at some point in its ancient history. Spaced out stargazers claim to have spotted all manner of weird things on Mars, from pyramids to alien bears.
    • Is an alien megastructure orbiting a distant star? Startling video shows stunned Navy fighter pilots encountering a white UFO - shaped like a Tic Tac - off the coast of Mexico.
    • Are extraterrestrials living in an ocean on Jupiter's moon? 5 Two views of Jupiter's ice-covered moon, Europa. Some scientists believe Europa, which is about the size of Earth’s moon, has an ocean hidden beneath its frozen crust.
    • Are aliens trying to contact us? Scientist have picked up number of strange signals from distant stars in recent years. Whilst most of them probably come from natural sources, some signals may have been sent by aliens.
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  8. Are aliens or UFOs real? (Beginner) - Curious About Astronomy ...

    Aliens are not real. At least, people who claim that they have seen aliens never have any good proof to back up their claims. You should never believe something unless it can be proven, and a lot of times people who say that they saw a UFO or an alien are either trying to get attention, or saw or experienced something that they don't understand.

  9. Aliens are they real? Yes😇 or no 😡 |

    Aliens are real. Aliens are real because, lots of people have sighted alien ships. And in the history book, sometimes they mention alien. And how do explain, all those, alien sightings. Some are caught on TV. And in Chile, there is an organization that studies and tries to find aliens, they have real proof.

  10. are aliens real? yes or no and why? | Yahoo Answers

    Sep 16, 2010 · so far there is no evidence that aliens are real. although there is no evidence, science is always emerging with new reserach which means that there could be aliens

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