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  1. The Happy Ukulele Songbook › pdf › happy-ukulele

    Welcome to the Happy Ukulele Songbook This songbook contains 52 of my favorite songs for the uke, from beginner to intermediate level, gathered over the past couple years since learning to play this magical instrument. I also created a special introductory section with tips and tricks based on the popular ukulele workshops I

  2. All My Loving Baritone Ukulele › ukulele › baritone

    All My Loving – Baritone Ukulele CHORUS: Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you, tomorrow I’ll miss you, remember I’ll always be true. And then while I’m away, I’ll write home every day, and I’ll send all my loving to you. I’ll pretend that I’m kissing the lips I am missing and hope that my dreams will come true

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  4. As a baritone uke beginner, you’ll start with simple songs in easy keys using beginner chords. Over time, you’ll learn many more chords. Meanwhile, you can click here for the free one-page pdf chord chart with the seven most common chords in the six easiest keys for baritone ukulele. Print the page and add it to your baritone ukulele ring ...

  5. 13 Easy Baritone Ukulele Songs For Beginners | Uke Like The ... › baritone-ukulele-songs
    • “Coconut,” by Harry Nilsson (1971) 1 chord – C7. Click for chords. This song can be played in its entirety with just one 1-finger chord, but you may need to sing along.
    • “Singin’ In the Rain,” lyrics by Arthur Freed and music by Nacio Herb Brown (1929) 2 chords – F C7. Click for chords. Here, the chord changes come slowly, giving you time to set up for each one.
    • “Iko Iko,” by James Crawford, Barbara Hawkins, Rosa Hawkins and Joan Johnson (1965) 2 chords – F C. Click for chords. Especially fun in a group, this song is perfect for beginners just getting comfortable with changing chords.
    • “Jambalaya (On the Bayou),” by Hank Williams (1952) 2 chords – C G. Click for chords. G is often one of the first 3-finger chords beginning players tackle, and it’s a versatile one.
  6. Baritone Ukulele - Sheet Music Plus: Over 2,000,000 Print ... › title › fun-with-strums

    Item Number: MB.93356. ISBN 9780871664716. 8.75 x 11.75 inches. A collection of 29 folk and bluegrass songs selected to aid the beginning baritone uke player in playing strums suitable for diverse time signatures and tempos.

    • $9.99
    • Mel Bay Publications, Inc
  7. Ukulele Chords › files › ukuchords_complete_baritone

    BARITONE (DOE) UKULELE CHORDS CHART 180 chords: A Bb BC Db D Eb Ab Cdim Dbdim Db9 Ddim o 09 Csus2 Db7 Dbsus2 Dsus2 Cm7 Csus4 Dbm7 Dbsus4 Drn7 O Dsus4 = Bb, Db, and = Ab Caug Cm9 Dbaug Dbm9 Daug o Dm9 Cm6 Db ke (= Db Dbm6 D key Dm6 Cm Cadd9 Dbm Dbadd9 Dm Dadd9 Cmaj7 C7sus4 Dbmaj7 Db7sus4 Dmaj7 D7sus4 Db6 o 2/4

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