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  1. Baritone electric guitars have been in use with popular music for decades. Both '60s surf rock sounds and spaghetti western soundtracks were full of these down-tuned instruments. Not only did they offer their own muscular twang, but baritones were often used underneath the bass part — known as tic-tac bass — for more definition.

  2. baritone* *BARITONE: You can definitely use a Baritone uke with our lesson program; you'll just need to put a capo on the 5th fret. This converts the tuning to GCEA, which allows you to follow along with the lessons. This capo at the link below seems like the best option, weighing quality and price. It's for banjo but will work for uke:

  3. Ukulele concert is a good choice for beginner to learn ukulele music. The frets are a bit more spaced on a concert ukulele than the soprano, so folks with larger fingers might find it easier to play. There can be up to 18 frets on a concert ukulele which allows players to navigate to higher notes on the fretboard.

  4. Nov 28, 2017 · The warm sounds of 1960s electronic "combo" organs from makers like Vox, Farfisa, Ace Tone, Yamaha, Elka, and more have been heard in popular music for more than 50 years. Though the majority of vintage organs that exist today have their share of issues, as some of the first fully electronic instruments ever made, they are also some of the ...

  5. Shop saxophones for sale on Reverb. Browse a great selection of new and used saxophones from brands like Selmer, Yamaha, and more.

  6. More About Cordoba Ukuleles . Cordoba makes a wide range of ukuleles across the soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone sizes. Wood options include all mahogany (15 and 20 Series), spruce/rosewood (22 Series), all ovangkol (23 Series), cedar/spalted maple (24 Series), and all acacia (25 Series). Select models feature cutaways and pickups.

  7. Shred Like a Pro. The ESP LTD KH-602 solidbody electric guitar means business. Metallica axeman Kirk Hammett's signature guitar gives you a comfortable contoured alder body that fits you like a glove, while the speedy maple neck and smooth bound ebony fingerboard pave the way for extremely fast fretting.

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