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  1. Getting started with Baritone ukulele? In Day 1, we'll explore four easy baritone ukulele chords, playing position, and two easy strumming patterns. Get tun...

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  2. Today I'm talking about how to practice baritone ukulele (for beginners)! This easy ukulele tutorial will cover my ground rules for practice, I'll teach you ...

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  3. 13 Easy Baritone Ukulele Songs For Beginners | Uke Like The ... › baritone-ukulele-songs
    • “Coconut,” by Harry Nilsson (1971) 1 chord – C7. Click for chords. This song can be played in its entirety with just one 1-finger chord, but you may need to sing along.
    • “Singin’ In the Rain,” lyrics by Arthur Freed and music by Nacio Herb Brown (1929) 2 chords – F C7. Click for chords. Here, the chord changes come slowly, giving you time to set up for each one.
    • “Iko Iko,” by James Crawford, Barbara Hawkins, Rosa Hawkins and Joan Johnson (1965) 2 chords – F C. Click for chords. Especially fun in a group, this song is perfect for beginners just getting comfortable with changing chords.
    • “Jambalaya (On the Bayou),” by Hank Williams (1952) 2 chords – C G. Click for chords. G is often one of the first 3-finger chords beginning players tackle, and it’s a versatile one.
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  5. Baritone Ukulele Challenge for Beginners #BariLeleChallenge ... › 2020 › 03

    Baritone ukuleles are a little chunkier than other ukus, so it does take some maneuvering to find that right spot! Day 5 - How to Pick and Strum Today we will be doing two different strumming techniques and two different picking techniques.

  6. 10 Best Baritone Ukuleles For Beginners 2021 - Music Industry ... › baritone-ukulele

    Apr 28, 2021 · A baritone ukulele usually measures 30” in length and features a slightly lower tuning compared to a soprano, concert, or tenor ukulele (it’s also bigger). People who love ukuleles generally end up with multiple models. In this guide, we’d like to look at the best baritone ukuleles for beginners.

  7. Intro to Baritone Ukulele – A Starter’s Guide – Musician ... › intro-to-baritone-ukulele

    Baritone ukuleles . A baritone ukulele is much bigger than the common “soprano” ukulele, at 30 inches (76 cm) in length and with a scale length of 20 in (51 cm). Most baritone ukuleles will have 18 to 21 frets, compared to a common ukulele’s 12 to 15 frets.

  8. Baritone Ukulele Course - Uke Like The Pros › baritone-ukulele-course

    Normally $127 - SAVE $70. 35 Baritone Video Course. 15% Off at Free Printable Music Sheets of Each Lesson. Free Backing Tracks for Each Lesson. Free Downloadable Videos. 100% Money Back Guarantee. GET IT NOW.

  9. Best Baritone Ukulele Resources | Ukulele Go › articles › baritone-ukulele-resources

    Sep 05, 2019 · Finally, for those that are really wanting to push their baritone ukulele skills, Terry Carter from Uke Like The Pros has a baritone ukulele course which costs just $77 and features over 35 video lessons with supporting backing tracks and downloadable song sheets.

  10. The 10 Best Baritone Ukuleles 2021 | Uke Like The Pros Blog › best-baritone-ukuleles

    The baritone ukulele’s larger size – almost the same as a small guitar – makes it a popular choice for people with larger hands who find smaller ukes hard to hold. I t’s a favorite with guitarists, too, thanks to the fact that it’s tuned the same as the top four strings on a guitar, so there’s no need to learn brand-new chords.

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