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  1. Top 5 Best Menstrual Cups For High Cervix - 2021 Reviews
    • Diva Cup Model 1. Probably all menstrual cup users know about this brand. Diva Cups are indeed the favorite of many women. The features of this cup and the sustainability in characteristics is the main reason for its popularity.
    • The Intima Lily Cup Size B – for high cervix with heavy flow. Now, this one is my personal favorite. The unique shape and smooth texture of the Lily Cup is adorable.
    • Pixie Cup (Large & X-Large) – for high cervix with normal to heavy flow. This brand has off late gained much popularity due to the consistently amazing performance of the cups.
    • FemmyCycle Custom Fit Menstrual Cup (Regular Size) I don’t think I can ever end writing a review if I start with this variety. This is my holy grill product and standing at this date, I cannot even imagine my periods without this cup.
  2. Best Menstrual Cup for High Cervix - Top Rated Cup of 2021

    Aug 15, 2019 · Best Menstrual Cup for High Cervix. There are many good quality menstrual cups available both online and offline. Many of them are also available in two different types or sizes for regular and heavy flow. Go through the list and find the one according to your preference. 1. Lena Menstrual Cup for High Cervix

    • George Justice
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  4. Best Menstrual Cup for High Cervix ~ Menstrual Cupaholic

    A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene product that is inserted into the vagina that is designed to collect, rather than absorb, the menstrual blood during your period. As it is a reusable product, that can be washed, stored away, and then reused during your monthly cycle, it is very economical, and creates less waste than your average tampon or pads.

  5. How to Choose Best Menstrual Cup for a Low Cervix and High Cervix

    a best traditional-shaped menstrual cup, for the low cervix. it has a bell shape with a rounded-out lip, which works to prevent leaks ; the best part is that its small size is 47 millimeters long, which is less than 2 inches for a low-sitting cervix

  6. Best Menstrual Cups For Low/High Cervix & How To Measure It
    • What’s A cervix?
    • Which Menstrual Cup Goes with Which Type of cervix?
    • Features to Consider
    • Final Say

    The cervix is the lowest part of the uterus. It’s sometimes referred to as the neck of the uterus, similar to the neck of a bottle. It is tubular in shape and is the passage between the vaginal canal to the uterine cavity. While the uterus cannot be seen, the cervix can be seen and felt from inside the vagina. During your period, the endometrium (mucous lining) is shed from the uterine walls and menstrual blood flows out of the cervix.

    Let us Help you Choose a Menstrual Cup!

    If your cervix is located at average height (middle knuckle), any standard large-sized menstrual cup may be comfortable for you. However, if your cervix is on the lower or higher side, it pays to check the length measurements to find a cup that will be more comfortable or easier to reach for you. The cup’s length measurement is particularly important for finding the right cup for your cervical height. We provide a very handy comparison toolthat sorts the many menstrual cup brands from large t...

    1. Very Low Cervix Menstrual Cups

    If you have a very low cervix, we suggest trying a menstrual cup that’s shorter in length because if the cup is too long, it may not fit comfortably during use. Click here to compare menstrual cups for a very low cervix »

    2. Medium to Low Cervix Menstrual Cups

    If you have a medium to low cervix, you can use the small size of almost any brand. You can also look into cups that were designed to be shorter than the “average” small-sized cup, often indicated by labels such as teen, mini, shorty, or low cervix. A bell-shaped cup might be more comfortable for you because the base of the cup is rounded off. This makes it a bit shorter and it doesn’t have the pointed base like V-shaped cups do, which may protrude out of the vaginal opening. Furthermore, a b...

    Although the cup’s length measurement is particularly important, here are some other features worth taking into consideration. 1. Stem length – Because most of the cup stemscan be trimmed, it is best to check the cup’s total length with and without the stem to find the best fit. 1. Cup diameter – Although the vagina can expand up to 200 times is normal size, some people may find a narrower cup more comfortable to wear. These may include (but are not limited to) teens, new users, and those with no experience inserting items such as tampons. 2. Cup Softness/Firmness– It may help to compare the softness/firmness of each cup model. This will give you a simple at-a-glance view of the essential features of every cup. 3. Check out our article on how to choose a menstrual cup to find out more.

    No single menstrual cup is going to work for every person! You can, however, increase your chances of finding the perfect cup if you take the time to check your cervical height. We wish you luck and hope this website is a valuable tool in your search!

  7. The Best Menstrual Cups for a High Cervix -

    The Best Menstrual Cups for a High Cervix 1. The Diva Cup. The Diva Cup was one of the first menstrual cups available on the market and it’s remained a firm favourite over the years. As it’s a longer cup, the Diva Cup is perfect for those with a high cervix.

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