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  1. By September 1973, there was a sense that Nixon had regained some political strength, the American public had become burned out by the Watergate hearings, and Congress was not willing to undertake impeachment absent some major revelation from the White House tapes or some egregious new presidential action against the investigation.

  2. Nixon denied any involvement in the break in, but, after a tape emerged revealing that Nixon had known about the White House connection to the Watergate burglaries shortly after they occurred, the House of Representatives initiated impeachment proceedings. Facing removal by Congress, Nixon resigned from office.

  3. Le scandale du Watergate est une affaire d'espionnage politique qui aboutit, en 1974, à la démission de Richard Nixon, alors président des États-Unis.L'affaire aux multiples ramifications commence en 1972 avec l'arrestation, à l'intérieur de l'immeuble du Watergate, de cambrioleurs dans les locaux du Parti démocrate à Washington.

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